IFATC at home - Portland Maine (KPWM) [CLOSED]

IFATC at home: Portland International Jetport

Hey everyone! As many already know, IFATC at home is back tomorrow (Sunday, 21 June). I will be opening my home airport, Portland International Jetport in Maine, USA!

PWM (standing for Portland-Westbrook Municipal) is the busiest and one of three international airports in Maine and is accessible and flanked by two motorways on opposing ends of the main runway: I-95 and I-295. It has two intersecting runways where a taxiway is in the process of being built connecting them between the thresholds of 29 and 36. It is serviced mostly by regional jets, though Southwest does fly the 737 into it.

KPWM will be open 2020-06-21T22:00:00Z2020-06-22T00:00:00Z.
KPWM may possibly be open any time between 2020-06-21T15:00:00Z2020-06-21T19:00:00Z.

Charts: https://flightaware.com/resources/airport/KPWM/APD/AIRPORT+DIAGRAM


Runway 11/29
Runway 11/29 is the main runway and is used for all commercial aviation. It is typical and most likely that landings will occur on 29, though this may change due to winds.

Runway 18/36
Runway 18/36 is used only for general aviation. 18 will most likely be used due to its proximity to the GA apron but winds may prohibit such.

Airlines, aircraft, and routes

These are simply the real world routes, they are not required in any way.

American (including Eagle)

CRJ-900, ERJ-175, A319
Charlotte, Philadelphia, New York (LaGuardia), Washington (Reagan), Dallas (Fort Worth), Chicago (O’hare)

Delta (including Connection)

Atlanta, Detroit, New York (JFK and LaGuardia)


CRJ-200, livery not in sim.
Sarasota, Vero Beach


Orlando, Denver, Fort Myers, Raleigh/Durham, Tampa


New York (JFK)


Baltimore, Chicago (Midway), Nashville, Orlando

United (including Express)

Chicago (O’hare), Denver, Newark, Washington (Dulles)


FedEx (Express and Feeder)

Bangor, Hartford, Manchester, Presque Isle


No aircraft larger than a 757 will be permitted


Ooh, maybe I’ll stop by for some patterns before Dinner. Great thread!


I will definitely be stopping by for the harbor visual haha!

Awesome thread! (this is also my home airport lol)


It really is a beautiful approach. The harbour is amazing with all the islands and it brings you right over downtown and the Old Port.

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Yeah it truly is!

I’m super excited @Jacob_Miller! Let me know when you open!

I will likely be doing KBOS to KPWM and back (probably in a TBM9)


KPWM Tower, Ground, and Atis open! Unfortunately, pattern work will not be allowed as vis is 3/4SM. Runways 11 and 18 in use.

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Alright! I will be arriving from boston in the next little bit!

Yeah pretty accurate haha!

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Any preferred SIDs/STARs?

Well, you’re the only arrival so far, so whatever you choose is fine

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Thanks! (I hope other people end up coming, it’s a fun airport)

isn’t that shown on the procedures list?

you know… atc preferred?

It is, but I didn’t include any. I just put SID/STAR use recommended. I think he just wanted to make sure I didn’t have any that I favoured.

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Are you still open👀

Yes, I plan to be open until 0000Z :)

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Okay cool, I’ll come in with a southwest 737 now


20 minutes out now! Super excited!

Thank you for stopping by! Sorry the harbour vis wasn’t possible :(

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No problem! I had a lot of fun. The low-vis approach was fun!

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Thanks for this! Love seeing another Mainer on here.