IFATC at Home - Philippines - Closed

Updated the schedule. It was still set to the previous IFATC at Home.

Definitely going to try this out with the Philipines a320. Never flown that livery before!

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There’s no Philippine Airlines livery in the A320 (in the game) haha. The carriers in the Philippines with the available aircraft are:

  • Cebu Pacific A319
  • AirAsia A320
  • Cebu Pacific A321
  • Philippine Airlines A321

Hope this helps and see you on Sunday :D

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Oh Man how do I always screw up the liveries 😂😂😂🤣

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RPVM is now open!

2nd session has been cancelled due to personal reasons.

RPVM closed

The airport for the 3rd session will be moved to RPLL

RPLL is now open

Hey, I was the MHVA 737 that was arriving from Malaysia. Thank you so much for opening the airport, really grateful! :)

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No problem, hope you enjoyed your flight :D

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RPLL is now closed!

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