IFATC at Home - Philippines - Closed

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well during these tough times. As the pandemic continues to batter every nation, lets take our minds off of it and enjoy some quarantine fun! This sunday, I will be opening RPVM, or Mactan Cebu International airport.



Frequencies: GTS (Ground, Tower, ATIS)
Controller: @FlyingTarsier

If you are satisfied with the service, feel free to like this post :D


Cebu, Philippines (RPVM)

1st session: 2020-07-19T06:30:00Z to 2020-07-19T09:30:00Z

2nd session: 2020-07-19T13:30:00Z to 2020-07-19T16:30:00Z Cancelled

3rd session: 2020-07-20T02:30:00Z to 2020-07-20T05:30:00Z

Feedback would be appreciated


Mactan–Cebu International Airport is the second busiest international airport in the Philippines. It is located in Lapu-Lapu City on Mactan Island, a part of Metro Cebu and serves the Central Visayas region. The airport is managed by the Mactan–Cebu International Airport Authority and is hub of Cebu Pacific, Pan Pacific Airlines, and Royal Air Charter Service.


On 797 hectares (1,970 acres), it has a single 3,300-meter (10,800 ft) runway that was built by the United States in 1956 as an emergency airport for U.S. Air Forces’ Strategic Air Command bombers and was known as the Mactan Air Base. The runway is complemented by a full-length taxiway that it shares with the current Mactan Air Base of the Philippine Air Force.




The airport has 1 runway

Runway Length Equipment
04/22 10,860 ft / 3,310 m PAPI, and ILS for 04/22

The airport has 2 terminals

Terminal 1 is for domestic flights, while terminal 2 is for international flights.

You are not required to follow the terminal assignments


The use of SIDs and STARs is recommended

Links for up to date charts and METAR

Charts: Loading...
METAR: ADDS - METARS form results

The full IFATC at Home Guide for July 19, 2020 can be found below.

Stay safe everyone :D


Great job Schaffer! Probably the first time I see RPLL with live atc in the expert server 😂


Hahaha hope you can come! :D

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Nice thread! I’ll try to come by when you’re open.


Can’t wait! Super excited… and by the way I have a question, when do you plan to do this?


This Sunday. Check the IFATC schedule :)

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Manila! 😍. I will also try and keep this airport open if/when your not around!


RPLL is always overlooked when they schedule weekly ATC events. Even when they do South East Asia events, they don’t highlight the Philippines which is part of SEA. @FlyingTarsier, good job for shining the flashlight at a lonely airport.

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Wow! Thanks bro! Will surely drop by and visit you

ill be flying there from Roxas with Cebu Pacific a319 5J375
See You Soon…

Would open RPLL everyday if I wanted haha, see you there!

See you on Sunday :D

Can’t wait!

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Thanks dude! See you soon!

See you tomorrow

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RPLL is now Open!

RPLL closed.

RPLL open!

RPLL is now closed. @EpicNYC04 will now take control for the next session because I need to go to sleep.

RPLL is now Open!

RPLL is now closed! Thank you for coming everyone! If you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to comment below. Till the next IFATC at Home, stay safe :D

RPVM will be my next airport for IFATC at Home July 21 :D Hope you guys can come and visit my beautiful country.