IFATC at home - Paris

IFATC at home: Paris Charles de Gaulle airport

As always on IFATC at home days, the french ATC team is ready to control in France. This Sunday, we’ll give a full day service in the main airport of the French capital Paris ! LFPG Tower will be opened all the European day, with Approach and Departure sometimes. Come enjoy the French touch !

About CDG airport


ATC Informations

Day : July 19th
Time : 0700Z - 2000Z (may change)
Frequencies : Tower, Ground, ATIS, Departure, Approach
Controllers : @Alexandre, @CapCam, @Babacar, @Nono45_FR, @DimitriB, @Neeson52, @Greggoose972, @samdog27


Ground charts

Airport Diagram

STARS in use



Get in touch with other ATC regions from Paris ! There are some great destinations you would love to look at.


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Nice thread I might pop down and say hello 👋


That would be nice to see you there :) Enjoy it !

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Very nice thread. Looking forward to fly there!

Thanks mate for including me :)

Thanks a lot ! Looking forward to see you there ;)

No problem, it’s a pleasure. Hope we will have some flights there !

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Are you already controlling?

Nope! All threads will be open on Sunday.

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Awesome thread! Paris is lovely destination 😍

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Nice job on the thread!

yes indeed, thanks !

thank you mate :)

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Very nice thread Alexandre!
I look forward to be this Sunday!

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Thanks for being a part of this amazing team !

I will be flying in for a long haul tomorrow, RUN-CDG. Should be in the area at 14:30Z.

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You’ll get ATC in!

Ladies and gentlemen, Paris is opening and will remain open all the day!

bonjour señor

Bonjour, come enjoy our ATC coverage ;)