IFATC at Home - Pakistan (Karachi)

Hello IFC 👋. Hope you guys are doing good. You may know about the IFATC at home taking place this Sunday 19th of July. I would like to invite you guys to visit Karachi (OPKC) Aka The city of lights and the largest city of Pakistan this Sunday (19th July)image
Am the first IFATC member from Pakistan and OPKC doesnt gets much traffic the whole year in IF, TBH its non-existence. OPKC is the most widely used and busiest airport in Pakistan with 58,000 aircraft movements. Some of the most busiest routes are:

  1. OPKC-OMDB (KHI-DXB) [Emirates] [PIA]
  3. OPKC-OEJN (KHI-JED) [PIA] [Saudi Airline]
    OPKC serves 14 countries.
    Hope to see some traffic which is existence this Sunday (19th July) and spread some positivity about the beautiful country Pakistan.
    Hope you guys support me and head towards OPKC!
    Thank you!
    Route Recommended: OPKC-OPIS for some beautiful scenery and peaks.
    Controlling time starts at:

Nice to see a Pakistani airport opened!


Nice ,Will do flight from OAKB To OPKC if I get time

Would really appreciate :)

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I will come too if I find some time :)


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