IFATC At Home - Orange County (KSNA)

Closed for East Coast Madness, will open again for West Coast Madness!

Open again!

I’ll fly in from KHND

Kudos to @Pingu and @AgentQuu for perfect noise abatement takeoffs 👏


On my way! One of my favorite airfields.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that’s a wrap!

For over 5 hours, I saw so many faces and watched my home airport fill up. Thanks to everyone that came out, if I forgot about you, I apologize in advance.


I’ve got a final exam in 1.5 hours, I’ll try to open later, but no guarantees.


Thanks for opening KSNA!

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Was glad to stop by - I fly into SNA relatively often as my sister lives in beautiful Newport Beach. Such a great airfield!

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Thanks for the awesome ATC! I had so much fun trying out the near-vertical departure. Hope to see you open in the next IFATC at home!

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