IFATC At Home - Oklahoma City, USA


Hi! Welcome to my home airport! Will Rogers World Airport (KOKC).

A bit about myself: My name is Josh and I joined IF and the IFC in January of this year. I currently am apart of SWVA and a new member of IFATC.

Will Rogers World Airport - KOKC
Time: 2020-06-21T17:00:00Z


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Some facts of this airport:

  • Will Rogers was first opened in 1911 as Oklahoma City Municipal Airfield. Was renamed to honor Will Rogers in 1941.
  • Currently Will Rogers is expanding the East Concourse. Once complete, Will Rogers will have 21 boarding gates. The East Concourse will also be used for International arrivals.
  • If need be due to the increased passenger traffic (record highs last 3 years), Will Rogers could be expanded one last time. Expansion would be the Central Concourse and would be able to hold an additional 10 gates and bring the overall boarding gates to 30+.
  • On December 17, Southwest will start flights to ATL. :)
**Cargo Destinations**

Fedex: Memphis, Tulsa, Boise, Oakland, LA
UPS Airlines: Louisville, Tulsa

**Top 5 Passenger Destinations** with Airline

Dallas - KDFW - American
Denver - KDEN - Southwest, United
Atlanta - KATL - Delta
Houston - KIAH - United
Houston - KHOU - Southwest

Airport Diagram

13/31 isn’t used often. Winds will control 17s/35s. Cargo will land on 17L/35R

FAA Terminal Procedures


I hope to see you there! I will try to control for as long as possible throughout the day. Thanks and safe travels.


ive seen that old united logo there so many times. Another destination is KDAL but i dont think its a major destination

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Yea KDAL is my “home” airport for SWVA. The top 10 was rounded out in order: KORD, KDAL, KPHX, LAS and KSTL

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how long will you be open for 8AM is a bit early for me lol

Probably 8am-10/11 and then hopefully 5pm-11/ All Central time

Perfect ill probably do KOKC-KDAL or KTUL (my other home airport)

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I might get to open an airport as well if i pass my practical on friday

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Hopefully if you do, you get to the check ride portion by sunday. Never know! If not, maybe you’ll come fly into OKC for me! :)

Best of luck!!

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What is the check ride portion?

I updated my time to 12. Most likely 12-2 and the. 9-11.

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