IFATC at home- Northeast Florida! (CLOSED)

Welcome to my IFATC at home in North Florida!

Airports that will be open are KJAX and KSGJ

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About Jacksonville Airport:

KJAX has 2 runways and it is a beautiful airport!

Runway info:
08/26 is 10,000 feet long and 14/32 is 7,701 feet long.

Runway 26 is used the most as that runway is the longest and winds favor that runway. Runway 14/32 is sometimes used.

Where can you fly from in IF to KJAX

Where you can fly
  • Atlanta
  • Fort Lauderdale and Miami
  • Philadelphia
  • Both Washington DC airports
  • All NYC airports
  • Denver
  • Dallas and Houston
  • Nashville
  • Baltimore
  • Boston
  • Detroit and Minneapolis
  • Toronto

Now about St. Augustine airport!

Runway information:
13/31 is 7,997 feet long and is the main runway at the Airport and is used for Private jets and Commercial planes.

Runway 06/24 is used for most propeller planes like Cessna’s and is 2,701 feet long.
Runway 02/20 is not used as it is the shortest,

From here there really are no commercial flights but there used to be flights on Frontier from Philadelphia and Trenton.

So come by and do some pattern work!

Time will be open is around 2020-07-19T11:00:00Z to 2020-07-19T15:00:00Z and maybe

2020-07-20T01:00:00Z to 2020-07-20T02:00:00Z

Exact times for each location will be determined by traffic during those time periods and others things I may have to do.

Will you come by?

  • Yes
  • Absolutly
  • All day I will

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Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope you will come by!

Especially you @Will_W


I know the mayor of Jacksonville FL I meet him in December

Blake | Founder

Unfortunately I won’t be able to participate but sounds like a great event!

Why not @Will_W? 😢

I will definitely do a flight to Atlanta! :)


I may stop fly and fly to my home in Fort Lauderdale


So I really hope you come by. When’s the last time you have been to this airport? Probably never so this is your only chance.

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Might be able to stop by, see you then!

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Yesssss love that JAX is being opened!! It doesn’t get enough love and is my home airport too!!

Finally someone who live in Jacksonville!

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There was almost no one for a while 😂😂

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One of my friends plays IF and tried becoming IFATC but failed😢 who lives in JAX


My college is In Daytona Beach, and I have friends going to school in Jacksonville. I’ve also driven with my roommates to Saint Augustine. Both very nice cities with cute little airports!

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This looks amazing. I will swing by and do some GA Flying!

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I don’t know what airport will be open when but I will be accepting light aircraft and pattern work no matter what.


Never in real life or IFS, will be a first for me

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This is sick, my grandparents live 10 minutes away from this airport

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Ik. More people should come and more need to know

The thread looks great! Can’t stop by, but nice work on it!

2 days away!