IFATC at Home - Munich "Franz-Josef Strauß" International Airport (EDDM)

Munich “Franz-Josef Strauß” International Airport (EDDM/MUC)

The city of Munich

The city located in southern Germany, next to the Alps is the 3rd biggest German city. It’s also the biggest growing one in Germany and is a diverse and cultural city. Here you will also find a big variety of headquarters by big companies like BMW, Siemens, etc. The city also has some old churches and castles even though the second world war destroyed most of them. In the close distance, Munich also attracts people with the Alps and a beautiful region which is for example home to Neuschwanstein.


General Information

Munich “Franz-Josef Strauß” International Airport (EDDM/MUC) is the second biggest airport after Frankfurt Main International. It was opened in 1982 and grew ever since. Today about 100 airlines serve 200 destinations in 70 countries. The airport is owned by the state as well as Lufthansa which uses Munich as one of their HUBs.

Munich Airport from the ISS (2010)

About the terminals

Terminal 1 is owned by the state and serves all airlines, which aren’t part of the Lufthansa Group or Star Alliance. This terminal is getting expanded at the moment and is also used by Emirates A380, who connects Munich up to 3 times a day with it.

Terminal 1 right now

How it will look after renovation

Terminal 2 is the terminal owned by Lufthansa and is the by far better one (in my opinion). It serves all Lufthansa partners including the Star Alliance members and got expanded recently with a satellite terminal, which is connected with T2 with a self-driving underground train. Terminal 2 was also rated the best airport terminal in the world in 2017.


Munich is the only 5-Star rated airport in Europe (rated by Skytrax).
In a survey by Skytrax, where 12 million passengers where asked for their opinion, Munich International Airport got chosen to be the best European Airport 13 times in the past 15 years! It’s also rated the 5th best airport in the entire world!

Other airport facilities

Additionally, the airport evolved to a small city. Besides the airport itself, directly around it, you can find huge office and research facilities, leading eye surgery, hotels, a small hospital, and an event hall where for example tennis tournaments are played. Also, the airport is connected to the city via train and a highway.

Route ideas
Route Aircraft Flight Time
EDDM-EDDL A319/A320/CRJ900 Lufthansa , A319/320 Eurowings 1:00hrs
EDDM-EDDF A320/321 Lufthansa 0:50hrs
EDDM-KATL A350/B767/A330 Delta 9:15hrs
KSFO-EDDM B772/B767 United 11:00hrs
SKBO-EDDM B788 Avianca 10:30hrs
LPMA-EDDM A320/A321 Lufthansa , A321 Thomas Cook (Condor) 4:20hrs
EGLL-EDDM A320/A321 Lufthansa , A319/A320 British Airways 2:00hrs
EDDS-EDDM A319/A320/CRJ900 0:45hrs
LOWW-EDDM A319/A320 Lufthansa , Q400/A321 Austrian Airlines 0:45hrs
LOWW-LFPG A319/A320/A321 Lufthansa , A319/A320 Air France 1:35hrs

I hope you enjoyed this thread! Look out for the IFATC Germany team to open Munich Aiport (EDDM) and come explore!
Probably open from 0800Z-1300Z


I swear I thought the airport wouldn’t look so close from above, given the ISS altitude.

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Nice Thread! I will be probably be stopping by.

Will Frankfurt be open on Sunday too?

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I am open now! Appreciating everyone who comes by :)

Just departed to LCY. Love it when MUC is open on Expert. One question I had was if ATIS requests to advise departure runway on initial contact do I have to name my preferred runway with the pushback and taxi requests or with the pushback request only?

I think on pushback only but I am not 100% certain. Anyways thanks for coming along!

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