IFATC at Home | Melbourne, Australia (YMML) - Closed

I just landed in Foggy YMML I had to use the landing aid red cubes for my a380 to find 16…fun though…Hopefully it doesn’t happen next Sunday guys will be taxing through each other 😂

We have some nice weather here coming up, so fingers crossed.


Melbourne International Airport (YMML) Open!

Hey guys, we’re now open at YMML on the Expert Server. Feel free to come down and explore the great country of Australia or the scenic sites of our next door neighbor… New Zealand.

There are also plenty of beautiful long haul options to choose from as well.

Current Controllers:

@Declan_O - Tower, Ground and ATIS

@TRDubh - Approach/Departure

@Chris_Hoss - Melbourne Center

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Thanks for Ground and Tower @Declan_O, TrDubh for Departure, and to CptHoss for the Center frequency!


Thanks for stopping by mate!

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@Declan_O Are you gonna be open around my arrival time? 2020-07-19T22:06:00Z

Maybe, not too sure yet to be honest.

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Melbourne International (YMML) Open

Good morning everyone, and it’s time for my shift in the ATC Tower here at Melbourne.

Feel free to explore the vast ecosystems of Australia from above with multiple domestic routes across this great continent.

Current Controllers:

@Declan_O - Tower, Ground and ATIS.

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Made it mate was at the KDFW event phew… Want to get to ypph

I see you mate, have a safe flight!

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I’ll stop by for some pattern work.

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Fair warning that I’m practicing with cockpit view only - May be bumpy!

There’s some wind so don’t trim heavily I forgot and almost lost my a380. All is well

Thanks mate. I appreciate see you sometime

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Also fitting that I’m wearing my Australian Open 2017 shirt today. Love Melbourne!

Oh nice, the AO is always a great event. I live about 10 minutes away so try and go every year when I get the chance. Tennis has got to be one of my favourite sports.

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