IFATC at Home | Melbourne, Australia (YMML) - Closed

IFATC at Home | Melbourne, Australia | YMML

You guessed it. It’s that time again… IFATC at home! Melbourne International Airport also more commonly known as Tullamarine Airport is situated 23 kilometres from the city center. There are plenty of beautiful routes that you can fly from Melbourne, from short hauls across the beautiful landscapes of Australia, medium hauls to the scenic coastline of New Zealand or a long haul to many destinations across the globe!

Terminal and Gate Information:

Tullamarine International Airport has four main terminals located across the airport.

Terminal 1 (B and C Gates) house domestic departures for Qantas and QantasLink for flights across Australia.

Terminal 2 (D Gates) is the international terminal and houses a ton of different airlines to destinations all across the globe.

Terminal 3 (E Gates) houses Virgin Australia and the majority of their route network.

Last but not least, Terminal 4 (F and G Gates) house Jetstar, Tigerair and Rex.

Standard Operating Procedures and Runway Usage:

Obviously this is very wind dependent, but the large majority of the time runway 16/34 is used for the arrival and departures of heavies and larger aircraft.

Runway 9/27 is typically used for smaller commercial aircraft.

The way I chose to control YMML when the winds favour 27 and 16 is to send the heavies to 16 and anything smaller to 27, so that it spreads the traffic load evenly, and gets you on the ground or up in the air as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Controlling Team:

Tower | Ground | ATIS | @Declan_O
Approach | Departure @Josh
Center | @Chris_Hoss

Anyway, with all of that being said… I plan on trying to open for most of the day. Probably from 0600Z to 1100Z and then 2100Z to 0300Z. Can’t miss a day when you can control your home airport.

See you all there and stay safe guys!


Love Melbourne! Will be sure to stop by, Declan in my free streetcar.

Awesome, look forward to seeing you there mate!

Quick question. What time zone are those times in so I can stop by.

Those timezones are in Zulu, which is the same as GMT or UTC.

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Ok got it! Thanks!

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I’ll try and stop by for a flight across the Tasman, I don’t think i’ve ever flown from Melbourne before, i’m looking forward to it :)

Awesome,. hope to see you there mate!


I’ll stop by for sure, after all, it’s good to have some people from the past 🤷🏻‍♂️😄

I guess that’s true… back to the future sort of. Haha!


GG Deco, beat me to it ;)

Fingers crossed I’m radar certified by then eek

Fingers crossed mate.

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What frequencies are you planning to open?

It depends whether you are radar certified or not. If you are, I’ll leave approach and center to yourself and control GTS. If not, then I’m happy to take approach and center.

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We’ll work it out ;)


Oh Melbourne, the best city I have ever been to and know of. Its truly a masterpiece and full of great wonders. Sadly can’t visit it soon.


Yeah, it’s sad that you can’t visit it IRL anytime soon, but who said you can’t visit it virtually?

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That’s true mate.😆

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I always make a point to come to YMML on my weekly longhauls… IRL life back when I was young and an adventurer I with family drove from Sydney to Canberra to Melbourne then back to Sydney via the ocean hugging A1…so glorious . Love Melbourne… Philip Island 🤩…definitely hope to come back to Australia some time in the near future 🙏. I hope to catch you on Sunday. Cheers Mate

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That is just awesome mate! Phillip island is awesome as well!

Hope to see you stop by mate!

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