IFATC at home - McGhee Tyson Airport

IFATC At Home - McGhee Tyson Airport


This Sunday, IFATC at home comes back for the second time and I am opening up my home airport at McGhee Tyson Airport (KTYS) in Knoxville, TN. McGhee Tyson is not an international airport and its carriers are: Allegiant Airlines, American Eagle, Delta Airlines, Delta Connection, Frontier Airlines, and United Express. It’s cargo carriers are: Ameriflight, FedEx Express, and UPS Airlines.

McGhee Tyson Airport employees about 2,700 employees and is only a 30 minute drive from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. McGhee Tyson Airport also serves as a focus city for Allegiant Airlines.

I will put down a list of the airlines and destinations they fly down below.

Airlines and destinations
Airline Destination(s) Aircraft
Allegiant St Petersburg, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Punta Gorda (FL), Sarasota, West Palm Beach Airbus A320
American Eagle Charlotte, Chicago-O’ Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, Miami, New York-LaGuardia, Philadelphia, Washington-National CRJ-900, ERJ-145 (Not in game.)
Delta Airlines Atlanta MD80 (Not in game), Boeing 717
Delta Connection Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York-LaGuardia CRJ-900
Frontier Airlines Denver, Orlando Airbus A320
United Express Chicago-O’ Hare, Denver, Houston Intercontinental, Newark, Washington–Dulles ERJ-135 (Not in game) ERJ-145 (Not in game) ERJ-175 (Livery not in game), CRJ-700
Airline Destination Aircraft
Ameriflight Louisville Beechcraft 1900 (Not in game), Beechcraft Model 99 (Not in game), Embraer EMB 120ER Brasilia (Not in game), SA227 Metroliner (Not in game)
FedEx Express Indianapolis, Memphis, Norfolk, Richmond Airbus A300 (Not in game)
UPS Airlines Louisville, Miami Boeing 757

McGhee Tyson Airport has parallel runways, runway 5L/23R and runway 5R/23L.

Runway Dimensions Heading (True) Elevation Surface
5L/23R 6005 x 150 ft 045 or 225 922 ft Concrete
5R/23L 9000 x 150 ft 045 or 225 938 ft Asphalt
Airport Charts

Click here


I encourage all pilots to come and fly in and out of KTYS, maybe even some patterns. KTYS has a very high general aviation capacity so I will allow all general aviation and pattern work.

The largest airline at KTYS in Endeavor Air and the top destination is Atlanta, Georgia. For realism purposes, the largest aircraft I will accept is a Boeing 757 because that’s the aircraft UPS flies out of there! :)

I will be open most of the day and hope to see y’all there! KTYS is great for short haul flights if you are trying to get in some extra hours. :) I will update the thread closer time and announce what times I will be open! Thanks all and I can’t wait to see you guys!

I have talked and planned out my whole entire day for the IFATC at home event on Sunday. I have freed the day to be open all day long (with a 1 and a half hour break) so plan your flights and hop in!

I am pushing my session 1 time to 11 am because I am sharing with another IFATC member who will be controlling from 2020-05-10T12:00:00Z2020-05-10T14:00:00Z so I will see you all later! Make sure to stop by:)

I will not be opening today due to family emergency and have to be with them. I apologize for any inconvenience and there are a lot of other airports that are really cool! I am sure @DDett will be open at KTYS throughout the day. Thank you all and happy flying!

Session 1

Session 2

-IFATC VulicityHD


Hey there!! Nice Thread!! I will add you to the list!!

What time will you be open!

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I am not sure yet, I will post closer time and say :)

Ok got it! Just let me know!

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TYS? Nice! You should try KMEM as well!

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I actually plan on doing KMEM or KBNA for the next IFATC at home. I am debating on whether I will open KGKT too or not 🤔


Who else thought of McGee from NCIS?

On a serious note, looks nice! I might drop in at some stage.


hope to see you there:)

I’ve been to this airport before, it’s a great one! Very modern and small airport.

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It really is, I love the airport layout to be honest as well as the taxiway layout

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I might do a few patterns here as well!

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Times are updated!!

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When are you going to sleep?


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night before 😎 I have the whole day planned

See you there! All my folks live in Sevier County


KGKT is a fun approach. Done it IRL many times!

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I’ve always wanted to go in a plane. I love like 5 minutes away from GKT… I like to go and just look at the planes. It’s a nice little airport.

Everyone, check the thread for time update please :)

New update

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