IFATC at Home - McGhee Tyson Airport (CLOSED)

Hello all! For this month’s IFATC at home, I will be doing something a little different for your general aviation fans! That’s right, GA IFATC at Home! Now unfortunately, the GA airports I want to open do not have Ground, Tower, or ATIS so it’s not possible to control those. However, I will be opening KTYS, which is a commercial airport but serves way more general aviation aircraft than commercial. I wish I could give you guys an actual GA airport but hopefully the GA theme will stick here! But any and all appropriate sized aircraft are welcome and would be appreciated!!

Taxi Instructions
It is strongly encouraged to follow these taxi routes but not required, you can taxi at your discretion these are just what I prefer!

Taxi Instructions (Departures)

When parked at the terminal, make sure to have your taxi chart out ready and taxi to runway 23L at A8 or A9 via Alpha. When on the North-Western side of the airport, please taxi via G, G7, B, B7, hold short runway 23L and await takeoff clearance. If in a general aviation aircraft, feel free to hold short of runway 23L at B6 or B5

Taxi Instructions (Arrivals)

When arriving, please try to exit runway 23L at A5 or A4 and follow R1 or R3 to the gates because I will expect departing aircraft to use R2 out of the terminal. Of course, there is no way I can enforce this. For arriving GA aircraft, feel free to exit runway 23L to the right when able and you can either back-taxi runway 23R and exit at G4 and taxi via G to parking, or you can taxi B, B2, cross runway 23R and follow G to parking.

Airport Details : KTYS

Runway Information
Runway(s) Length Surface
5R/23L 9000 x 150 ft Asphalt
5L/23R 6005 x 150 ft Asphalt
Airport Charts
Airport Diagram

NOTAM : Runway 5L/23R are under construction in real life, while I will try to keep it this way In - game, there is no promise that I can keep it that way unfortunately. When filing your flight plan to/from KTYS, please make sure to depart/arrive runway 5R/23L


NOTAM : This departure procedure is not in IF. This chart is just for reference. Initial altitude is 6000 and expect filed altitude 10 minutes after departure


NOTAM: When arriving into KTYS, it is recommended to use the ILS or LOC RWY 23L approach. We will most likely be using 23L for departures and landing but depending on how busy it gets, runway 23R will be open and will include charts here!

Commercial Airlines that serve KTYS
  • Allegiant Air
  • American Eagle
  • Delta Airlines
  • Delta Connection
  • Frontier Airlines
  • United Express
Cargo Airlines that serve KTYS
  • Ameriflight (Not in game)
  • FedEx Express
  • UPS Airlines

Like the real world, the largest aircraft that will be accepted is the B757. The B757 does not fly commercial flights, but does fly cargo flights. The largest commercial airliner that flies is part the A320. For max realism, please follow this!
For some more general information on this airport, visit This link on the IFATC Education Group website!

Featured Routes from KTYS


Aircraft : CRJ-900
Airline : Delta Connection
Extra Information:
KATL will be featured for IFATC at home! Check it out Here


Aircraft : CRJ-900
Airline : American Eagle


Aircraft : CRJ-700
Airline : United Express

Overall, this airport serves some great short hops around the east coast of the United States. If you are free and want to try out a different airport, come stop by KTYS!

I will open from 2020-07-19T16:00:00Z2020-07-19T17:30:00Z
Times are subject to change


Really love the effort you put to bring some attention to the GA side of the simulator

Nice thread


thanks very much! I appreciate it!

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Awesome thread Logan, I’ll possibly stop in. ;)


thanks man! I will stop by yours too if you open !

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Yep! At KATL ;)

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expect to see me man!

For ultra realism remember runway 5L or 23R is still under construction!!

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yeah but unfortunately it’s very hard to close runways in IF or else I would.



  • Added featured routes from KTYS
  • Added airport charts with additional information
  • Added preferred taxi routes
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Should be 5R/23L 😉!

Nice thread, might stop by in a GA!

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whoops thanks for pointing that out! will fix. can’t wait to see you there!

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I’ll be back once again to use TYS my home base for CRJ commuter runs as well as some GA flights.

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can’t wait to see you there!

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What time are you planning to start controlling?

hey i forgot to post whoops. I will be controlling at around 12 pm est - about 1 or 2.

I am now open at KTYS!

I am not sure for how long at the moment but at least 45 min - 1 hour!!

remember that ATL-TYS or TYS-ATL is a really good and popular short route! also good for a connecting flight ;)

KATL is currently open and will be open for the next two hours- enough time to try this flight out!

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On my way to ATL currently. I’m seeing this route suggestion after I took off from TYS 😂

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