IFATC At Home - London Oxford Airport

London Oxford Airport (EGTK)

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The IFATC at home event has given me an excellent opportunity to open my (nearly) local airport, where I first flew from, and still fly from today! Therefore I will be aiming to operate the airport as realistically as possible within Infinite Flight limitations, from 0800z to 1100z, and possibly at other times during the day!

Why Oxford
Although Oxford may be a small airport when compared to the likes of London Heathrow, it is an extremely busy airport, being the base of many training schools operating smaller aircraft such as the C172 and PA28, but also regularly sees business jets, even as large as the ACJ series! This makes Oxford a brilliant place to fly many of the airports across Europe which will be open tomorrow.

Unfortunately Oxford has not managed to secure any long term scheduled routes, however the following have been operated in the past:

  • EGTK - EGJJ (Jersey)
  • EGTK - LSGG (Geneva)
  • EGTK - EGPH (Edinburgh)
  • EGTK - EGNS (Isle of Man)
  • EGTK - EIDW (Dublin)

Or you could fly to thousands of destinations across Europe in aircraft as large as the A320, or in private jets such as the Citation X.

General Aviation
If you don’t feel like flying a jet, or want to try something new, come and try some VFR flying! Take a small prop aircraft and follow the railway north past sights such as Blenheim Palace and continue up to the beautiful Cotswolds! Or head south over the historical city of Oxford, free from the pesky noise abatement procedures and MATZ of real life, and follow the River Thames through miles of countryside in the Thames Valley!


Runway 11/29 CLOSED due to unservicable

No aircraft larger than A320/B737-800 permitted at any time


Dash8 from EGNS inbound to you tomorrow :)

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