IFATC at Home - London Luton Airport

Since the start of this week we have known about the IFATC at Home schedule for Sunday. Therefore I see this to be a wonderful opportunity for all of us IFATC members to open up our local airports, big or small. I feel this to be a wonderful opportunity within the community, not only to show the diversity of players within Infinite Flight but also recognise smaller airports that we don’t see often. This is where London Luton come into it!

About London Luton

London Luton is a airport Located in Bedfordshire in the UK. The Airports ICAO code is EGGW. The airport acts as a hub for low cost carrier airlines such as easyJet, Ryanair, TUI and Wizz Air. It might surprise you but London Luton is the fifth busiest airport in the UK and the fourth largest. Over the last few years London Luton has been going through a massive overhaul and honestly I feel really proud to see the way things are turning out as I visit there 4 times a year on average. I think this airport is massively underused and appreciated so let’s try and change that, please feel free to come by on a Sunday. I will be open when I can and as long as I can.

Suggested Routes Too and From Luton

  • EHAM (Amsterdam)
  • LXGB (Gibraltar)
  • EGPH (Edinburgh)
  • LOWW (Vienna)
  • LGIR (Heraklion)
  • EIDW (Dublin)
  • EYKA (Kaunas)
  • EKCH (Copenhagen)
  • GCTS (Tenerife)
  • LEAL (Alicante)
  • LIPE (Bologna)
  • LEMG (Malaga)
  • LEPA (Palma de Mallorca)
  • LGKR (Corfu)
  • LCPH (Pafos)
Wizz Air
  • LGAV (Athens)
  • BIKF (Reykjavik)
  • LLBG (Tel Aviv)
  • EYKA (Kaunas)
  • EPKK (Krakrow)
  • EPKT (Katowice)

General Aviation

On another note London Luton Airport is very popular in the general aviation sector with loads of private jet arrivals every day. Therefore I encourage you to come along in you Citation. If you prefer the commercial side of things still be sure to come along. Hope to see you there!

On a final note from me I wish everyone good health and good luck in these unprecedented times.
Thank You and Enjoy!


You live near Luton?!

Not too far from me then!

I’ll do my best to pop down when you’re open!

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Nice thread! I will be there to represent the orange :)


I live on a little village on the outskirts of Luton - about 10 min drive. The STAR for aircraft coming from the north goes above my house


Greattttt !!!

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Really well made post!

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Thank you 😁

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Nice one Dixon! I see an EGNS-EGGW Citation flight tomorrow!

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I like the wound of that 😁!

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