IFATC At Home - London Gatwick

IFATC at Home - Gatwick


Hello everyone!
As most of you will know, IFATC at home is back for the second time. So, I’ve taken this as an opportunity to open my local International airport, Gatwick.

About Gatwick

Gatwick is the UK’s second busiest airport, behind Heathrow, and is Europe’s ninth busiest airport, with over 280,000 aircraft movements and 46.6 million passengers in 2019 alone. It is quite unique amongst the London airports as it caters for all travellers with low cost, full service and charter airlines operating from it.

Currently, Gatwick has 2 terminals, conveniently named North and South. The north terminal is where EasyJet and Virgin Atlantic operate from, with other airlines like TUI, Qatar, Emirates and WestJet also flying out of there. The south terminal is home to British Airways and Norwegian, with them both being the main operators. Most of the OneWorld airlines (expect Qatar) also fly out of the south terminal, along with a few other airlines like Aegean and Swiss.

Terminal and ground chart

SID’s, STAR’s and other chats:


Runway Length x Width in ft Use
08R/26L 10852 × 147 Departures and Arrivals
26R/08L 8382 × 147 Taxiway

Suggested routes

Short / Medium haul
Airline Route (ICAO - ICAO) Aircraft(s)
Vueling EGKK - LEBL (Barcelona) A320
Aer Lingus EGKK - EIDW (Dublin) A320
British Airways EGKK - LEMG (Malaga) A320
TUI EGKK - LGSK (Skiathos) B757 / B737
EasyJet EGKK - EHAM (Amsterdam) A319
Ryanair EGKK - LEAL (Alicante) B737
EasyJet EGKK - LSGG (Geneva) A319
Aegean EGKK - LGAV (Athens) A320
Long haul
Airline Route (ICAO - ICAO) Aircraft(s)
Emirates EGKK - OMDB (Dubai) A380
Qatar EGKK - OTHH (Doha) B787
Norweigan EGKK - SBGL (Rio De Janeiro) B787
British Airways EGKK - FIMP (Mauritus) B772
China Airlines EGKK - RCTP (Taipei) A350

26R/08L may be used as a taxiway without ATC’s permission

I’ll update this thread as the week goes on.


I’ll be sure to pop by for a flight to Bermuda!

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woo gatwick

Will be flying all day around tons of holiday destination and maybe a long haul for Monday!


Poor Speedbird😂
Has to work all day so you can get ATC

Btw, I’m coming with you!


Yay, to ruining Speedbird’s sleep pattern!


We depart at exactly 0600Z and end at exactly 0600Z ;)
Gotta enjoy the full experience


If I wake up… lmao

Abuse Discord I guess lmao

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Brilliant! Looking forward to seeing you there :)

I was wondering when this was coming 🤣


It needed attention haha

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And you know I’ll be there


*intensely screams in excitement.

I think I’ll be making runs between Canada and Gatwick by the looks of it!

I’ll make sure to try to come when you’ll be active!

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Haha took a few days 😂

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Perfecto, enjoy your flights!

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Hoping to stop by at some point! Tagging @MJP_27 so he can add it

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I know I’ve been really busy right now!


Might swing by if I can! FYI you put 8L/26R add departures/arrival instead of taxiway and the opposite for 8R/26L in the table 😉

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Great! Thought I checked everything, so nice catch!


Amazing! I will be there


I’ll be sure to head to Dubai from there! Awesome airport, does not get enough credit!
Happy Flying :D

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