IFATC at Home - London City Airport [CLOSED]


IFATC at Home — Operating Procedures


This airport works differently to most others in the world and that is no different to its procedure in Infinite Flight!

STARs, SIDs, and other charts
Please see here for details.

Departure — Ground and Tower
When leaving the gate at London City Airport, there is no need to request pushback. All parking gates at the airport face the taxiway and so a pushback is not suitable for the airport. When you are ready to taxi, start your engines and request so.

If you are told to taxi to runway 27, taxi to the eastern-most hold short line and contact Tower. Once on this frequency, request takeoff at runway 27 — bear in mind, you should currently be facing almost opposite your departing runway. You will be instructed to back taxi when no conflict is expected. If the airport is busy, note that up to three aircraft may be instructed to back taxi at once. They will be expected to exit the runway to the right and hold short at the pad affixed to the base of runway 27. Even if told to “back taxi [… and] contact Ground,” stay on the Tower frequency and await further instructions — another takeoff request is not needed and will be treated as a duplicate message.

When taking off, maximum thrust is recommended.

Once you have taken off from runway 09, continue on your merry way. However, if you take off from runway 27 (which faces you should follow a different procedure. This is to ensure the prevention of conflict between approaching traffic to London Heathrow and (not as important in Infinite Flight) the obstacles of central London.

Not everyone enjoys reading charts so, to simplify things, use the following waypoints for your runway 27 departure: EGLC LCW01 LCN01 LCN04 LCN05 [resume own navigation]. This is demonstrated in the following image:

You should not climb past 3,000ft until you have passed waypoint LCN05.

Arrival — Approach, Landing, and Exit
London City Airport continues its nature as a special outlier to conventions with its approach. This 5.5° approach angle (2.2° steeper than the standard) can be challenging for many. Use your spoilers in the flight setting and full flaps to ensure the maintenance of a slow-and-steady speed.

As much as I hope for an Approach controller on the day, this may not be possible at all times. When the Approach frequency is active, you may request either a Visual or ILS approach.

If landing at runway 09, you may expect to receive a low and near approach into London City Airport. You will be led a mere 4 to 7 nautical miles away from the runway at 2,000ft. This will allow you to fly the steep glideslope to the runway while avoiding traffic departing London Heathrow.

If landing at runway 27, you can expect a long straight-in approach. You will intercept the glideslope at 4,000ft to 5,000ft.

If you have landed at runway 27, your runway exit instruction will be a simple “turn left when able.” However, if you land at runway 09 things may be different.

If you are told to back taxi, you should turn around and exit the runway as soon as possible. When turning around, you should use the circular-disc two-thirds along runway 09. However, all operating aircraft are capable of performing a 180° turn within the width of the runway. Contact Ground when off the runway. This will more than likely be the instruction if there is no approaching or departing conflict.

If you are told to exit the runway, you should continue to the end of the runway, exit, and hold short at the holding pad affixed to the base of runway 27. At an appropriate time — you will be instructed to back taxi up the runway, turn left, and contact Ground when off the runway.

Back Taxi Notice
This airport could not operate without the use of back taxis along the length of the runway. Though you are asked to expedite this operation, you will not be expected to go any faster than normal taxi speeds. This does not mean, however, that a 10kn back taxi will be appreciated.

Other Material
An old thread I have found on the airport may come in handy when executing the approach into London City Airport this Sunday!


Photo credits: an image of the London City Airport logo — source; an image of the ramp at London City Airport — source; an image of the runway 27 departure at London City Airport — screenshot of Infinite Flight in-game.