IFATC At Home - KMCI - Kansas City International Airport [CLOSED]

Hey y’all! My name is Ian, formerly known as BoeingA320 on the IFC. For this Sunday I will be controlling at KMCI, the nearest airport to me being around 40 minutes away!

What’s Special About Kansas City?

Kansas City, also known as the city of fountains is located at the intersection of the Kansas and Missouri rivers. It is the most populous city in Missouri and the most populous metropolitan area in Kansas. An often question asked about the city is why it is called Kansas City when it is in Missouri, and to find the answer we need to go back in history a bit. Back in the 1800s, Kansas existed as a frontier settlement right at the Missouri river crossing, built around assisting travelers on their grueling journey west on trails such as the Santa Fe and California trails. Anyways, what’s important is the name. Fast forward a bit and the Kansas territory emerged which eventually became a part of the Union as just Kansas. Because of using the Missouri river as a state boundary, the city of Kansas ended up being separated into two states, with the more populous part being in Missouri. Because of the confusion the city was renamed to Kansas City, though that name still can cause confusion to this day. Despite the majority of the city itself being in Missouri, a good portion of the metropolitan area is in Kansas including where I live in Olathe.

Today, Kansas City is primarily known for its world class barbecue cuisine, the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, and being a big hub for Midwestern culture. One thing the City of Fountains is not known for is its airport, which at least from a passenger’s perspective is quite poor. Its unique and annoying terminal design has yet another story about it, so let’s go over that in the next section.

Information/The Story Behind the Airport

KMCI's History

The Kansas City International Airport was planned to be a replacement for the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport currently being used for the growing air travel industry in the 60’s. TWA (Trans World Airlines) assisted with the design as they sought to make Kansas City their new home base. With that they had an interesting design plan, where the passengers could just simply park where their gate is located in the narrow horseshoe-shaped terminals. This idea was a major hit at first, but when airport security started to become a thing the design’s weakness was quickly noticed, as the narrow terminal was then cut in half, leaving the gate areas extremely cramped and shopping/dining options became extremely limited after the security section. TWA soon abandoned Kansas City and brought their operations to nearby St. Louis where they stayed until they merged with American Airlines. Today, the airport serves as a focus city for Southwest as well as one of Delta’s most serviced non-hub airports. Other airlines currently using MCI are Frontier, United, American, Spirit, Allegiant, Air Canada, Aeromexico, and Alaska. Now a new terminal project is underway using the demolished terminal A as a base, which is currently scheduled to open in 2023, though the date has been pushed back several times already.

Gate Information

Terminal B
Southwest: Gates 32-45
Delta: Gates 50-60
Allegiant: Gate 52

Terminal C
Air Canada: Gate 62
United: Gates 62-69
Frontier: Gate 76
Spirit: Gate 77
Alaska: Gate 78
American: Gates 79-85

With the 3 runways there are usually not very specific procedures being used with them. Runway9/27 isn’t usually used but is sometimes used for regional jet/cargo traffic when the traffic around is light. I am going to use this as my primary runway for pattern work. Runway 19L/1R is the primary takeoff runway along with 9/27 and is also used as a landing runway. Runway 19R/1L is almost never used as a departing runway and is only used for some arrivals. No plane larger than the 757 operates there (though aircraft as large as the 747 are capable of arriving there because of the TWA days) and the only long haul flight in modern history was IcelandAir’s service from Reykjavik on a 757, though it got discontinued after last year Pretty freaking good timing there, haha. Parking in terminal A (Gates 1-30) will not be allowed as the terminal no longer exists. That’s about it, besides enjoy your flight and happy landings!

When will I be open?

I am planning on opening all the way from 2020-06-21T17:00:00Z2020-06-22T06:00:00Z or when the region change happens, with some short breaks if necessary.

With that I think that’s it! I can’t wait to see y’all in the skies, I hardly ever see traffic here and I personally think it’s a fun airport to fly into, as long as it’s not in real life!


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I’m in St. Louis. RIP TWA

I’ll stop by

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Can’t wait to see you! Love some kind words from our I-70 rivals!

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With a slight delay I’m now open for the marathon of a lifetime! Can’t wait to see y’all there!

Looks like that’ll be it from me for the night! Didn’t get much traffic at all but it was still very fun!! Thanks all!

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