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Boston Logan International Airport

Logan International, (IATA BOS, ICAO KBOS, FAA LID BOS) is located in East Boston right along Boston Harbor. Boston Logan has 6 runways, optimal for all winds and situations. 2 of these runways are over 2 miles long and capable of handling aircraft as large as the Airbus A380. Boston is the largest airport in the New England Region and is a hub for domestic and international travel.

Boston is the 16th largest airport in the USA in terms of Cargo movements and Passengers served. The airport saw over 4.4 million passengers in 2019 and and over 668 million LBS of cargo.

Boston boasts four large terminals, which serve many airlines both domestically and internationally. Logan offers regular flights to the Carribean, Canada, Atlantic Islands, Hawaii, Europe, Asia and North Africa. (These are all during normal times).


Terminals and Airlines
Here’s the official Massport website, you can find all airlines and their official terminal assignments.
Here’s a quick summary if your lazy!
-Terminal A serves Delta, Southwest and WestJet
-Terminal B serves American, Spirit and Frontier
-Terminal C serves TAP Portugal, JetBlue,
-Terminal E serves most International flights.

what happened to terminal d? We may never know…

Sunday, July 19th from 1200Z-1400Z. I will try to open at other times though!

As it stands, we will be using the 27 and 22 runways. Most likely 22L for landings and 22R for departures which is a super efficient layout. I will be accepting light aircraft and patterns unless the airport gets wicked busy. Frequencies used will be ATIS, Tower and Ground. Procedures will be listed below.
All Procedures

Ground Charts


Approach Plates


Suggested Routes:

KBOS-KPHL/American Airlines A321/1hr
KBOS-KMCO/JetBlue A320/2.5hrs
KBOS-KSEA/Alaskan 737-900/4.5-5hrs
KBOS-EDDF/Lufthansa 747-8/ 7hrs
KBOS-RJTT/JAL 787-9/ 13.5hrs
EGPH-KBOS/Delta 757/6hrs
CYYZ-KBOS/Air Canada E175/1hr

Don’t forget to take a trip around New England in a light aircraft and see the magnificent terrain and coastline throughout the region! See you then!


IN 2006 they re-configured the D terminal into the C and E gates.

I’ll try to stop by!


Bingo! If you look at a map now you’ll see how terminal C is exceptionally big, with two main concourses.


Thank you google!

Ill also stop by probably

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Thanks for the service on my flight from WSSS-KBOS, you handled it very well!

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed your flight, long one all the way from WSSS!

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Yeah! 17 hours and 9 minues!

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