IFATC at Home - Israel (LLBG)


Hi, my name is Nathan and I’m an IFATC Specialist from Tel Aviv, Israel. As many of you already know, next sunday (21th june) will be the third IFATC at Home day. I’m happy to introduce you to my first IFATC at Home thread!!

A little about Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv is the second most populous city in Israel. Located on the Israeli Mediterranean coastline and with a population of 451,523, it is the economic and technological center of the country. Tel Aviv has the third largest economy and the largest economy per capita in the Middle East. The city has the 31st highest cost of living in the world and receives over 2.5 million international visitors annually. It has a lively nightlife and 24 hour culture. Tel Aviv has been called The World’s Vegan Food Capital , as it possesses the highest per capita population of vegans in the world, with many vegan eateries throughout the city.

About Ben Gurion Airport (LLBG)
Ben Gurion Airport is the primary airport of Israel, it is located a few miles away from the city of Tel Aviv. It is the home airport for 3 Israeli airlines: El Al , Arkia and Israir. The airport has three runways: 12/30, 08/26 and 03/21. The closest runway to terminals 1 and 3 is 12/30, 3,112 m (10,210 ft) in length, and is followed by a taxiway. Most landings take place on this runway from West to East, approaching from the Mediterranean Sea over southern Tel Aviv. Runway 08/26 is the longest runway at the airfield, 4,062 m (13,327 ft). Runway 26 is the main take off runway, it is referred to as “the quiet runway” since jets taking off in this direction produce less noise pollution for surrounding residents. In May 2014 runway 03/21 was reopened after having been rebuilt and lengthened to 2,772 m (9,094 ft), allowing it to handle most types of aircraft. It is equipped with an ILS and mostly handles landings from north to south.

llbg charts image
LLBG Charts

When will it be open?
Time: 2020-06-21T14:00:00Z2020-06-21T15:00:00Z
(subject to change!!)

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Hope to see you there,


Finally, some atc at tel Aviv

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@MJP_27 here’s another one

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Nope ATC as it’s for The upcoming ATC at Home

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It’s a picture of the Airport

Yeah nvm my bad loool

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I added it

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I’ll come by as long as you don’t ghost me:) Remember the FNF in Algiers when i didn’t give way to aircraft. That was sad:(

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I saw this to late… but I’ll come next time :)

Tel Aviv is truly a beautiful city, full of culture!

It’s not too late @MThef, the event is on next Sunday!!

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I though it was today for some reason…

Unfortunately I can’t fly on Sunday as I have events IRL

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That is so sad. LLBG is a GREAT airport!

I’m inbound ETE: 40m

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