IFATC At Home - Isle of Man (EGNS) - Fly the ARC


Hello / Fastyr mie!

Sunday 10th May 2020 brings you IFATC AT HOME. A chance for IFATC controllers to show off their homeland and there’s no better place than the Isle of Man, home to @AdamCallow and @JayIOM.

It’s the land of the faeries, motorbike races, unlimited speed limits and occasionally some tax avoidance.

We have only one airport, but Ronaldsway (IOM / EGNS) has served this beautiful Island well for many years.

Warning! Don’t taxi using taxiway echo to RWY 26, you’ll be met with a dead end. Use Alpha instead

  • Popular routes
    – Isle of Man - Manchester (EGNS - EGCC) - Flybe & Loganair
    – Isle of Man - Liverpool (EGNS - EGGP) - Flybe, Loganair & Easyjet
    – Isle of Man - Gatwick (EGNS - EGKK) - Easyjet
    – Isle of Man - Birmingham (EGNS - EGBB) - Flybe
    – Isle of Man - Dublin (EGNS - EIDW) - Aer Lingus
    – Isle of Man - Edinburgh (EGNS - EGPH) - Loganair
    – Isle of Man - London City (EGNS - EGLC) - BA Cityflyer

  • Runways
    – Runway 08/26 - 6923 x 151 feet / 2110 x 46 meters
    – Runway 03/21 - 4117 x 151 feet / 1255 x 46 meters

  • Aircraft Types
    – Max B757 (for the odd charter)
    – A319 / A320 / Dash 8 / E Jets (IF Aircraft Types)
    – Saab 340/2000 / ATR 42/72 / ATP / E145 (Normal operation)

Open Times
09:00 - 10:00z Jay will have tower open
Between 19:00z and 21:00z on IFATC at Home day, Adam & Jay will be controlling together (Approach and Tower)

And we’re hosting a ‘fly the arc’ competition between 09:00z and 1000z (Tower only). Brush up your DME arc skills using this tutorial - The DME Arc: How its done

We’ll be judging your ARC flying skills out of 10 and will put a ranking table below on this thread, updating it as we can.

DME ARC Chart for RWY26

(Charts sourced from NATS charts )

Aigh vie ort!

We hope to see you all on the Isle of Man this Sunday!!

Adam & Jay


Looking forward to controlling you guys!
After I get home from the real place that is.


Just so everyone knows, this airport choice was very hard for @JayIOM and @AdamCallow (Sorry I forgot to mention you! I didn’t realize) They had a lot of options for their country! They were:


I would love to explore. Hoping to see you guys tomorrow!


That’s precisely why I’m so late posting this thread. Had to think for a few days…


Just one hour to go until ‘Fly the ARC’ begins! Get your departures planned :)

Not exactly a real world flight but I will fly from my island to yours this evening 😁

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It was a flight once upon a time and could well be again in the future!

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Would be nice. I will probably fly Flybe

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Coming to stop by now. Is Adam planning on controlling soon?

Hes controlling after he finishes down at the airport. So, this evening! We are committed to Tower&Radar 1900-2100z.

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Adam has work at the real airport soon, you are in safe hands though.


Sounds good. I think I’ll go fly around the island and explore in an X-Cub now.

Oh really?

I will be there in about an hour to EGKK! I’m currently watching a live stream

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I just did the most horrible takeoff, haha.

Blame the wind, its fine :)

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How long do you think will you be active for? I plan to possibly arrive before the next O’ clock.

At least I’m ready for the winds. Nothing else but British 😂

That is why I went, the TBM did not like a 30knts head wind

I’ll be around for a few hours to come!

GREAT! You can probably see me over at John Lennon 😄