IFATC at Home - Indianapolis International Airport (KIND)- Closed

IFATC At Home!

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Hey everyone, I hope you all are having a great day. I’m here to introduce you to the airport I will be controlling this Sunday, Indianapolis International (KIND.) Although I no longer live around here, it’ll always be my “Home Airport.” Indianapolis is known as the “Crossroads of America,” and I think that’s a good term to describe how this airport will be used on Sunday. For some general information about the airport, you can view this wikipedia page, or better yet view their website (It’s definitely well made.)

What KIND of flights can you do?

Get it, KIND like the ICAO code

Passenger Terminal
Passenger Terminal

Traditionally during past IFATC at home days, the United States has seen a multitude of airports open on the coasts, every time airports such as JFK, ATL, IAD, LAX, SAN, etc… are staffed throughout the day. KIND is situated perfectly in the Midwest so that you can reach many of the airports on the east coast within 2 hours, even less depending on the winds. Want to fly from coast to coast, why not take a quick stopover here? After all, KIND has consistently been rated one of the best airports in America!

Cargo Gates
Cargo Gates

What if cargo is your thing? Not to worry, KIND is a hub for FedEx, and other Cargo Airlines such as Cargolux also fly here! If you want to fly packages to other airports, be sure to come by Indianapolis.

Private Jets/ GA
Private Jets/ GA

Maybe you appreciate the luxuries in life, flying commercial is not for you. We also have some FBO stands for private jet companies like Jet Linx and Million Air towards the north of the airport. KIND is the perfect place to fly the Cessna Citation X or even the TBM-930!

So now that you’ve been convinced to come by Indianapolis, what can you expect when you arrive at the gate or are inbound?

Aircraft Departure/ Landing Runways
Commercial, (Concourse A or B) Runways 5L/23R & 5R/23L
Cargo (You have over 75 gates to choose from) Runway 5R/23L Some landings may occur or 14/32
Private Jet/ GA Runway 5L/23R & 5R/23L & 14/32 for landing,14/32 & 5L/23R for takeoffs

Departure/ Arrival Procedures:

In Infinite Flight, Indianapolis International only shows one departure procedure, DAWNN1. It’s a good departure if you’re flying south, so maybe to CLT, ATL, or to Florida. However, you might not want to fly all the way down to Kentucky then head back north if you’re flying to New York for say. So you can check out Flight Aware, they have a pretty good database of procedures. If you don’t want to input a SID by hand, you may “borrow” from some of the other surrounding airports. KEYE, KHFY, KUMP, and really any other airport by KIND has all of the correct departure procedures. Not sure why KIND doesn’t have them but whatever.

You can also expect all Approach procedures to be in use, so choose whichever one fits you best!

So when will KIND be open?

I plan to control KIND really towards the beginning of the day, so from around

Thanks for taking the time to read through this thread, and I hope to see you this Sunday.


Nice thread! I’m adding you to the guide right now!

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Super excited for this! I’m originally from the bay area, but go to school in Indiana and have been up to KIND a few times.

Truly a great airport with great controllers. I got to land my PA-28 there with heavy metal on the parallel!


Driving from OKC to CT last month and back I passed KIND twice. Each time it was pretty busy with multiple jets on and around final. Would’ve been nice to stop and check it out but i was on a mission.

That does sound super cool. I remember when I came back and visited the area a few months ago I saw a couple single engine planes on final, they were pretty far away and I don’t think they were PA-28s unfortunately. I think it’s pretty cool that the controllers let some smaller planes land at IND.

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KIND is open! 23’s are in use today.

Well that is the end of Indianapolis today, thanks @Chicago_Aviator for stopping by!

Thanks for the tight patterns!

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