IFATC at home in NSW

Today for IFATC at home I decided to take the TBM-930 out for a flight around my home state of NSW.

Flight information - I departed Sydney and flew down to Nowra and Canberra doing a touch and go at those airports, after Canberra I headed to my destination airport Richmond to finish my 1hr 30min journey
Time departed - 0600z
Server - Expert server


That 3rd photo is stunning! Great job!

It’s actually in the international terminal

Realism 0

International meaning international destination’s not airlines. The Qantas plane is in the correct place as all b787 Qantas fly internationally

Oh, my bad lol. thought you spawned at the international terminal for a lack of realism

No departed out of the corporate gates

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Great shots! I love the lighting!

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Terrible shots as always, Chris. Nice work!

love you too @PlaneGeek

Nice bro looks like some good pics

Thank you very much