IFATC at Home - Hong Kong (VHHH)

IFATC at Home

Hello people! I am Henry (CapDUDE) and I am an IFATC Specialist. Many of you may know that Sunday will be an IFATC at Home day, and I will open my home airport Hong Kong International Airport 香港國際機場 (IATA: HKG, ICAO: VHHH)! I was born and grew up in Hong Kong, you can check my profile up there☝🏻to know more about me. Anyways, I would like to open my home airport this Sunday, you can find more info down there.


Hong Kong may be familiar to most of you, no matter in politics or aviation, but HKIA is indeed a very nice airport! Its hub to Cathay Pacific Airways, Cathay Dragon, Hong Kong Airlines, HK Express, Air Hong Kong.
Information of the airline can be referred by clicking its name☝🏻

Airport Design
How HKIA is designed for the amount of traffic

Terminal 1

Source: File:Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Terminal 1 is the place that everything is going, with the temporary closure of Terminal 2 (will talk about it later), Terminal 1 is responsible for all check-in and customs for passengers. It connects to the main terminal area where most flights depart from in HKIA. HKIA handled approximately 71500000 passengers in 2019, and most of them departed from Terminal 1.

Terminal 2

Source: Gentleman's Gazette | Website & Shop For Classic Gentlemen

Terminal 2 is mainly the check-in concourse for LCCs, but note that its simply just a terminal for check-in, it doesn’t connect to any gates. Passengers are required to take a shuttle train after customs in T2 to the gates in T1. However, it acts as a diversion when T1 is too crowded, passengers can go to T2 for another option. T2 is smaller than T1, but the entertainment, food and shopping choices are more diverse than T1.
Note: Terminal 2 is closed for now.

North Satellite Concourse

Source: Hong Kong International Airport North Satellite concourse … | Flickr

It is a satellite concourse that opened in 2009 for narrow-body jets, for now they use shuttle buses to carry people from T1 to here, but they are building a bridge now from T1 to the concourse across the taxiway, so it will become a good place for plane spotting.

Midfield Concourse

Source: Hong Kong airport inaugurates new midfield concourse
This concourse began its operation in 2015, with the primary aim to relieve the overcrowd issue in T1, it is connected to T1 by unmanned train, many types of aircrafts are using it, but the biggest user there is Hong Kong Airlines.

When will I open (planned):


Please note that the above times are subject to change, I will make a post down here if there are any changes regarding time.

Runway usage in VHHH:
The weather in VHHH may differ during the day, please refer to ATIS at all time.
Will only allow for landing traffic, takeoff on this runway is prohibited.
Mainly for takeoff, cargo aircrafts will be allowed to land on this runway because its closer to the cargo terminal and its real-life protocol. Normal traffic may also be instructed to land on this runway depending on the traffic number, but FPL for 25R is suggested.

I hope I can see you people on Sunday! 😉


Amazing! You also might expect me controlling on Approach/Departure or even Center if I have the time.


Can’t wait to see u guys open there!:)


Hey there! Quick question! Is the time for session 1 in the region change?

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Oops, yes I’d do two hrs from 2-4 then, thx.


Ahh, I’ll be there! I’ve posted this in the Cathay Pacific Virtual Slack now, expect some CXVA pilots to come ;)

Love Hong Kong too 🖤🇭🇰


I’ve been to HKIA so many times, I know the whole place by heart.

Loved going from gate to gate with my penny board, argh I miss those times 😤

And the food there 🤤


Awesome to see more realistic procedures being put in place! All the best :)


I used to transfer planes and do spot here, I am glad that someone could controlling me to fly out.


Thank you for your comment, I hope to seeing you on Sunday! 🎉

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Feel free to come and fly :)


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I would love to attend, but unfortunately, it’s really early for me. Good luck out there!

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The FTs above are just for reference, it may be affected by weather or traffic.


Kuala Lumpur & Tokyo is open now


Second session open
Expect open duration: 1 hour

Two sessions done :)
I will call it a day 😂

WIll you be open again this Sunday?

Hong Kong isn’t on the schedule on Sunday

Ah, alright. Thanks.

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