IFATC at Home - Hollywood/Burbank, CA

IFATC at Home - Hollywood/Burbank, CA - reer104

As you all know, Sunday is once again IFATC at home, and I am happy to share with you my hometown of Burbank, CA, which is commonly associated with Hollywood. I will be opening Bob Hope Burbank Airport, which is frequently used by the Tinseltown celebrities who want to avoid the traffic and commotion of LAX. It is a small, quaint, airport named after the late comedian Bob Hope, located in the San Fernando Valley just southwest of the beautiful Burbank hills.

Wikipedia Information for KBUR

Hollywood Burbank Airport, legally and formerly marketed as Bob Hope Airport, is a public airport 3 miles (4.8 km) northwest of downtown Burbank, in Los Angeles County, California, United States. The airport serves Downtown Los Angeles and the northern Greater Los Angeles area, including Glendale, Pasadena, and the San Fernando Valley. It is closer to Griffith Park, Hollywood, and Downtown Los Angeles than Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and is the only airport in the area with a direct rail connection to downtown Los Angeles.

My connection to KBUR

I live ten minutes away from the Burbank airport and frequently go there to fly and plane spot. I have lived here for about 3 years and practically everyday is a sunny Los Angeles day, 75º F with not a cloud in the sky! I live 5 minutes away from Warner Bros. Studios as well as Universal Studios Hollywood, for which I have an annual pass to the theme park ;)

KBUR Airport Information

Bob Hope Airport, commonly known as Hollywood/Burbank Airport, (IATA: BUR, ICAO: KBUR) is a small airport serving domestic airlines and flights. The following airlines fly out of KBUR: American, Southwest, United, Delta, Alaska, jetBlue, and Spirit. They also serve private jet companies, like the growing in popularity JetSuiteX, NetJets, and more. They have flights going to NorCal on Southwest, cargo flights to the midwest with FedEx and UPS, and flights going to New York and Boston on jetBlue.

Airport Elevation: 776 ft.

Runway Information:

Runway Dimensions Heading Surface
15/33 6902 x 150 ft. 155º/335º Asphalt
8/26 5790 x 150 ft. 79º/259º Asphalt

Note: In an attempt to follow real-world procedures, I will be using runway 15 for takeoffs and runway 8 for landings. If weather does not permit these procedures, I will adjust accordingly. Please also note that runway 8 is the only one equipped with ILS.

Airport Charts

KBUR Airport Diagram



Click this link for more airport charts

Recommended Routes

Short Haul

Airline: Southwest

Route: Oakland (OAK), San Jose (SJC), Sacramento (SMF), Las Vegas (LAS), Phoenix (PHX)

Aircraft: Boeing 737-700 or 737-800

Flight Time: 45 minutes - 1 hour and 15 minutes


Medium Haul

Airline: American

Route: Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 or Airbus A321

Flight time: 2 hours and 30 minutes - 3 hours

If you’d like to try a medium haul cargo route, UPS operates the A330 (substituted for A300) to and from Louisville (SDF) and FedEx operates the 777 to and from Memphis (MEM)

Long Haul

Airline: jetBlue

Route: New York (JFK)

Aircraft: Airbus A321

Flight Time: 5 hours and 30 minutes - 6 hours

Note: While most wouldn’t consider this a long haul, this is the longest flight that BUR offers


Terminal A: Southwest, American, Alaska & jetBlue
Terminal B: Delta, United, & Spirit

Opening Times

I am still unsure about when I will be open, but once I know I will announce it on this thread so be sure to check!

Interesting facts:

  • Burbank Bob Hope Airport opened in 1930, originally called United Airport , and has gone through many name changes, finally settling on Hollywood Burbank Airport. Though many still call it Bob Hope Airport and just simply put, the Burbank Airport. It serves 5.2 million passengers annually.
  • They do not have any jetways, they use portable steps/ramps.
  • Due to strict noise restrictions, commercial flights can’t be scheduled from 10:00 pm to 7 am.


Size Restrictions: No aircraft bigger than a 757 allowed, cargo A330 and 777 exempt.
Visual Approach: If anyone would like to fly the famous Four Stacks Visual approach, just let me know and we can do it for you. However, the cargo planes won’t be able to fly these.

Thanks for reading this thread! I hope to see you in the glorious San Fernando Valley on Sunday!



Hollywood sign
BUR Wikipedia Information
Southwest taking off
Southwest winglet
Southwest parked at the ramp
San Fernando Valley
Airport Charts


Nice thread!

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Lovely thread! Well formatted

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I also classify KBUR as my home airport (along with LAX). I would head down there, but sadly I’m still grade 2. Good luck though!

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That’s awesome. Hopefully you can hit grade 3 by sunday ;)

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I’ll try my hardest. Still have to work on landings with ATC and not Unicom. I usually land at small GA airports because of heavy traffic at LAX.

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Sounds cool. Hope you can attend

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ive lived in socal my whole life and im so mad i havent actually gone to see BUR. i’ll be there as soon as ya open 🤘

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Awesome! I love to hear that :)


Being from the San Fernando Valley happy to see Burbank is gonna get open. The infamous airport everyone complains about due to the noise but it’s actually better than LAX 😜


Haha you already know I had to represent for the folks from Pasadena to Woodland Hills. Hope to see you Sunday!

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Love this. I’m training for my IFR rating outta Van Nuys (KVNY) and often shoot IRL practice instrument approaches into KBUR. Helps a lot to have this before my checkride!


That’s sick! I’ll make sure to come to test your skills 😉😂.

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Nice thread!

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Hey There! Nice Thread! I will add you to the magical list

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I’ll head down here from San Jose.

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Oh, I’ve flown into BUR in both IF and real life. Nice little airport… Very short taxi times too (literally like 5 seconds if you land on runway 8)


yeah it’s a nice small airport with real low taxi times. you basically turn off the runway and you’re already at your gate. Hope to see you sunday!

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I’ve actually flown out of Bob Hope too, up to Oakland for two days. A great alternative to LAX for sure. I’ll see what I can do and if I and come out for a few flights. Great thread! I actually attached a video below of my beautiful departure.

The video is a little old, but it’s quality entertainment!


That’s awesome! i’ve flown to oakland and back from there too. great short flight. i love the vid!

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