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Hi all! Welcome to my thread! I am a new IFATC member and I will be opening at my home airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. KHND is also known as Henderson Executive Airport and is classified at a class charlie airspace. It is a major GA and private jet hub in America as it takes majority of wealthy private jet owners in and out of Sin City (Las Vegas).

KHND has a small terminal that also allows free ramp access if you visit in real life. The airport receives many Citation X’s and TBM’s so if your a GA lover, this airport is for you!

Recommended Routes

Here are some recommended routes!

KHND to RJTT - A 15 hour flight that is actually operated by 3 Citation X’s! The route takes Konami employees to and from Tokyo, Japan!

KHND to KVNY - This 45 minute route is used by 80% of celebrity travelers to Vegas. You can operate this with a Citation X!

KHND to KTEX - A scenic 2-3 hour journey through Zion, The Grand Canyon, and the Rockies! You can fly this route with a Citation X, TBM-930, or any GA aircraft of your choice!

Recommended VFR Routes

KHND has many VFR routes that pilots take!

  1. We will start off with my favorite. A departure on 35L and a transition over KLAS airport also known as Las Vegas McCarran International. After that, you turn right heading east and fly over Lake Mead and then fly south over the Colorado river over the hoover dam and through the rocky terrain. You can either fly back to KHND or head to Kingston Airport in Arizona! This route usually takes aroundd 30 minutes to an hour.

  2. Another great VFR route is a turn right to avoid KLAS airspace or a transition (Up to you) and fly over Lake Mead continuing east to the Grand Canyon where you can land at KGCN or Grand Canyon Airport making the route around 1-2 hours.

  3. The last VFR route you can take is a departure of 35 and a turn left heading west heading to the SoCal area where you can fly around the Infinite Amount of desert. A great scenic route is around the Mount Charleston area where you can find lots of greenery in the big desert.

West Coast Madness

Hi all! Ill be open for West Coast Madness! Here are some recommendations for routes to controlled airports from 2000Z-2200Z :)

KHND to KBUR - A small short hop that takes around 40 minutes. Home to Hollywood and the Riches. I would recommend using the Citation X for this route. The airport will be controlled by @reer104

KHND to KSNA - Taking you (and your passengers if you have any) to Anaheim, the home of Disneyland, Angels Stadium, and a beautiful airport. The 30 minute flight is great for General Aviation fans! The airport will be operated by @Thunderbolt

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I hope you enjoy these routes! See you in the skies!


Very cool, I wish I could’ve flown some of those routes because they sound like they’d have some good scenery, but sadly I won’t be able to. If I haven’t already said, congrats on joining IFATC, and I hope you get some good traffic!

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I thought I read

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It is a 15 minute flight if you use a time traveler machine :)


Congrats once again @Kamryn! What time will you be opening up? I hope to fly out of Henderson on Sunday.

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I will most likely open up 1700 or 1800Z to 2200 or 2300Z :)


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Alright, I’ll try & make it. Timing sounds good

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Hey everyone! I updated the times i will be open. Take a look at the top of the post!

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Funny, I just landed there in a TBM in IF!

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Hi all! Ill be open for West Coast Madness aswell! See you soon! ;)

Opening in 1 Hour!

KHND now open! Come down for patterns, VFR, or Flights!

Hey everyone! A few unexpected events just came up! I will have to close until 2000Z

Ill be next active 2020-07-19T20:00:00Z2020-07-19T22:00:00Z

Thank you for your understanding!

I will be unable to control to day because of a road trip to Flagstaff, see you in the next one!

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