IFATC at Home - Greater Vancouver CYPK [CLOSED]

Welcome to Greater Vancouver!

Some tidbits about Vancouver

  • Vancouver was home to the 2010 Winter Olympics

  • CYVR, Vancouver Intl. Airport is Canada’s second busiest airport

  • Greater Vancouver is home to BC Ferries which operate some of the largest vehicle and transport ferries in the world

  • Vancouver ranks as the third best city in the world to live in for quality of life!

  • Vancouver is referred to as Hollywood North since a lot of TV shows and movies are filmed here such as, The Flash, Travellers, and more notably, Riverdale


The cool thing about Greater Vancouver is it's enjoyable for both 
General Aviation and Commercial flying!
Departure and Arrival Airline Aircraft Duration
CYVR - CYYJ WestJet DH8D 20 min
CYXX - CYLW Air Canada DH8D 45 min
CYVR - CYEG WestJet/Swoop B738 1 hr
CYVR - CYYC Air Canada A320 1 hr
CYXX - CYWG WestJet B738 3 hr 15 min
CYVR - CYYZ Air Canada B789 5 hr 15 min
CYVR - CYUL Air Canada B788 5 hr 30 min
CYVR - EDDF Lufthansa B744 10 hr
CYVR - CYKA WestJet DH8D 30 min
CYVR - CYKA Air Canada DH8D 30 min

Controller Schedule

Vancouver Centre Slots are: Vacant


Tower: @Oskapew 2020-06-21T19:00:00Z
Ground: @Oskapew 2020-06-21T19:00:00Z
Other controlling slots/times available, let me know if you’d like in!


Tower: Vacant
Ground: Vacant
Approach: Vacant


Tower: [TBA] @ThomasThePro [Time also TBA]
Ground: [TBA] @ThomasThePro [Time also TBA]
Approach: [TBA] @ThomasThePro [Time also TBA]
Departure: [TBA] @ThomasThePro [Time also TBA]
Centre: [TBA] @ThomasThePro [Time also TBA]

I hope to see plenty of pilots flying in and around the Vancouver area and between the different local GA airports which may end up getting staffed, you never know!



Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 11.49.46 AM



Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 11.53.27 AM

More charts to come soon


@ThomasThePro Want me to put you down for CYVR tower, ground, etc.?

Uploaded some ground charts, possibly more to come soon! CYPK isn’t very accurate, the airport doesn’t exactly match the ground chart (some taxiways missing) and the airport in IF is being redone By me!

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I thank you for acknowledging my home airport of CYWG!

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Haha, no problem! I love Winnipeg, hopefully we’ll see some traffic there tomorrow!

Yeah put me down, don’t know which time tho.

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Will do!

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CYPK Tower and Ground opening in three hours at 2020-06-21T19:00:00Z

CYVR is staffed up, open until 1700z, possibly later!

CYVR is Suitable For

Small regional airliners
Medium haul aircraft
Heavy long haul aircraft
Private jets
Pretty much everything!

CYPK us staffed up! Open for at least the next half hour!

CYPK is Suitable For

Most light private jets
Prop aircraft
Some turboprops

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