IFATC at home : France! Sunday 21st of June [CLOSED]

IFATC at Home : France - Episode II

For the new edition of the IFATC at home and to allow everyone to stay at home during thoses times, our french IFATC team will open airport and welcome you during the whole day.
After our previous openning in Paris, we decided to leave the city of light and open to you 2 marvelous cities from the south of France to let you enjoy sun, sea and wind !

Nice Côte d’Azur Airport [LFMN]

Nice is the third busiest airport of France after the twin airports of Paris (Charles de Gaulle and Orly) and the second business airport of europe with an annual traffic of 14,500,000 passagers.It deserve the 5th larger city of France and big touristic destination, Nice, but also the rich micro-nation of Monaco.

Opened in 1923 as an airfield it has quickly expend to became this dual runway airport built on land reclaimed from the sea. With its two terminal, it is a hub airport for companies such as AirFrance and EasyJet for example.

The airport have one of the most iconic views and one of the most difficut approach when landing from the north as noise cancelling procedures impose a hard turn right before landing.



Suggested routes
  • LFMN - LSGG (Nice to Geneva, Switzerland)
    Aircraft : A220-200 (A321-200 for replacement) - Swiss
    Flight time : 1h10
    Distance : 161NM
  • LFMN - EGLL (Nice to London, United Kingdom)
    ERJ 190 - British Airways
    Flight time : 1h50
    Distance : 562NM
  • LFMN - GMMX (Nice to Marrakesh, Morocco)
    Aircraft : A320-200 - EasyJet
    Flight time : 3h05
    Distance : 1021NM
  • LFMN - UUEE (Nice to Moscow, Russia)
    Aircraft : A320-200 - Aeroflot
    Flight time : 3h50
    Distance : 1370NM
  • LFMN - KJFK (Nice to New York, United States of America)
    Aircraft : A330-300 - Delta Air Lines
    Flight time : 8h40
    Distance : 3468NM

Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport [LFLL]

Lyon is the fouth busiest airport of France with 11,750,000 passenger deserve the third biggest city of the country. In 2019 it was awaded the best european airport title for midsize catergory

Opened in 1975 to increase the capacity of the old city-centered airport Lyon Bron. With its two terminal, the airport is a hub for companies such as AirFrance, EasyJet,ASL and Transavia.

Located in the rhone valley and surounded by the alps at the east and the massif central at the west more arrival and departures are from an north/south axis with regular strong winds



Suggested routes
  • LFLL - LFKJ (Lyon to Ajaccio, France)
    Aircraft : A320-200 - EasyJet
    Flight time : 1h15
    Distance : 279NM
  • LFLL - EDDF (Lyon to Francfort, Germany)
    Aircraft : A320-200 - Lufthansa
    Flight time : 1h25
    Distance : 294NM
  • LFLL - LTFM (Lyon to Istanbul, Turkey)
    Aircraft : A321-200 - Turkish AirLines
    Flight time : 3h20
    Distance : 1063NM
  • LFLL - GCLP (Lyon to Las Palmas, Spain)
    Aircraft : A320-200 - Vueling
    Flight time : 4h00
    Distance : 1443NM
  • LFLL - CYUL (Lyon to Montréal, Canada)
    Aircraft : A330-300 - Air Canada
    Flight time : 8h05
    Distance : 3176NM

We will host LFMN from 0800Z to 1700Z, LFLL will be hosted between 1200Z and 0000Z.

I would like to thank the French ATC team for participating in this project !
@Alexandre @Nono45_FR @Neeson52 @Babacar @samdog27 @DimitriB @Greggoose972


Hello! This is not an event. This would belong in the #atc category.

Good remark, Wrong topic your right.

Hey There! Nice thread! I will add you once I make the thread for the guide! And are all of the controllers controlling those airports?

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They will yes ! We will do our best to stay open and relay each other in order to keep consistency. =)

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Ok! Thank you!

oh … Nice is my city it’s nice that it is served! Since it is rarely used by ATC …

Yes. We do not have often the oportunity to open this airport. Believe me it will be our pleasure to welcome you. =)


Amazing thread.
France will remain active all the day!

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Well organised thread.
I hope to see more people visiting these two airports! They are absolutely stunning :)

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@MJP_27 @Fareless We updated our openning times with more accurate times.

We will mainly host LFMN from 0800Z to 1700Z, LFLL will be hosted as a secondary airport between 1200Z and 0000Z.

Note that some inconsistency could occur (even if we do our best for that not to happen) and that if an airport is overcrowded and understaffed, the airport will be closed in order to let the traffic decrease. Tho with the new procedures it should be fine.

By any chance, will LFPG be opened?

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No sorry =/
We had open it last time for IFATC at Home episode I. We decided to change and innovate with other airports. Thoses airports are smaller but I can asssure you that they are interessant to fly in and out !

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Ok got it!

LFPG was open today, so we wanted to change the destinations :))


Great IFATC AT home again !

please not that we planned to keep both airport open almost the whole day (not 24/24) ! We will have all facilities that you guys like and we will offer Realistic procedures! We will have local & radar open and at sometimes during the day we will have Center ! so I recommend you all to come say hello ! For some local flying with the Ryanair 737 or Easyjet or even 777!



Good morning IFC. LFMN is open now and will remain open all the day with LFLL from the afternoon.


LFMN goes now controlled by @CapCam ! Enjoy your arrivals here

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LFMN is now closed, LFLL will remain open until 0000Z however.


LFLL still open! If some of you want to make some pattern works, feel free to come.