IFATC At Home - East Midlands Airport

@Ecoops123 I’ve just seen you are 30 mins away, not sure if I’ll be able to stay until then. Sorry!! I feel really bad when I have to close but I will be back later. 🙂

Ok! (Tbh I’m not sure if i can either)

I’ll turn around for now, since I’m ideally trying to fly VFR… lol.

Just flying around a bit, I hope I can see you open another time!

*Whips out an F-22

Or I may try to go faster…🤔

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Awesome, enjoy your flight. 👍

*I’m gonna make it (chants)

I am planning to close at 10:00Z (in 20 minutes). I will, however, be open later on today again. I really appreciate everyone who stopped by - it has been so fun to control my local airport! 😁


Glad you had fun, just 1 question: how would you rate my landing /10?😂

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@Infinite_Qantas I don’t think my view was accurate enough to give a rating due to the fact that it looked like you were inside the runway from the tower view. 😂

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EGNX is now closed! Thanks to everyone who came in the 3 hours I was open!!


EGNX (East Midlands Airport) is open again! Expecting to be open just for an hour now but local traffic is encouraged with EGBB and EGXT also open (10 minutes flight away).


Thanks for the service. Nasty crosswind you have there. G-MAN (I was in Fat Albert)

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@Michael_O_Sullivan Aha, yeah saw some good crosswind landings though! Yours was well handled! Thanks for popping by! 😁

It was NOT well handled lol, I nearly hit the grass!
I’m out of practice in that big bird. Hope it gets busier for you. Best wishes and stay safe.

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@Luke how much longer will you be open for?

@David_Beckett I am going to attempt to stay open until at least 16:50Z (so for another 45 minutes).

Do you think you will be open again later?

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Probably not I’m afraid. This is already nearly my 6th hour today. 😂 @David_Beckett

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Thx for the service guys!! Flew out of East Midlands to Paris with DHL thanks for the ATC.
Happy Flying

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@Captain_Cign No worries, hope you had a good flight!

EGNX is now closed! Thanks to everyone who came along!

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