IFATC At Home ~ East Hampton (KHTO)

IFATC At Home: East Hampton


Hello everyone and welcome to the IFATC At Home Thread for East Hampton! East Hampton is my home airport, it is home to several private jet services everyday! If you’ve ever been here it’s a treat! People can get right up next to the runway and watch as aircraft take off and land! I’ve been spotting here once and it was pretty fun.

About KHTO:

What Routes to fly?

East Hampton has 2 main types of traffic, Private Jets, and GA. A lot of Private flights head down to the various airports in Florida, the most common is West Palm Beach. The GA aircraft stay in the surrounding states, often flying to other airports on Long Island, or into Connecticut or New Jersey. Some go upstate or to the islands off shore but Connecticut is a popular choice.

When will you be open?

I will be open for 30 minutes at the Plane And Pilot Patterns event this weekend! You can sign up below, or if you just want to check it out:

Otherwise I will be open from

2020-07-19T12:30:00Z-> 2020-07-19T13:30:00Z



I hope to see you there! Especially you @Balloonchaser 😉


KHTO is now open!


KHTO will be closing up in 24 mins. Get some patterns in!


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