IFATC at Home: CYBW Calgary/Springbank



For this week’s IFATC at Home, I have decided to open one of the lesser known yet still one of the busiest airports in Canada, perfectly suited to GA pilots.

Welcome to Springbank!


Springbank Airport acts as a GA reliever for Calgary’s main airport, Calgary International, and despite not seeing any commercial traffic, Springbank takes its place as the 6th busiest airport in Canada by aircraft movements.

Springbank is home to many flight schools, including the Calgary Flying Club, Fly Right, Mount Royal University’s Aviation Diploma program, Springbank Aero Flight Training Institute, and the Springbank Air Training College. These schools offer everything from private pilot programs, to commercial pilot training and IFR, Multi-Engine, and Night ratings. Flight training for helicopters and specialty programs such as mountain flying are also offered.

Sunday, June 21st

I will try to keep this airport open as much as possible throughout the day, though their may be interruptions due to Father’s Day.

This airport is a GA airport, and does not have facilities to handle much larger aircraft. The limit of aircraft size at this airport is regional jets such as the CRJ/ERJ. The longest runway is only 5000ft, so please take that into consideration when loading up weight, nothing larger than a Q400 should be at its maximum weight at this airport. Parking spots for larger than GA aircraft are limited to just 5 spots, but there is tons of GA parking!

Look forward to seeing you all there!


I’ve been there IRL and watched some GA traffic. Probably gonna be flying elsewhere that day but might come for a look.

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Definitely a great place for GA spotting! It’s a fun airport to fly into with all the traffic as well

Wow, had no idea that Springbank was the 6th busiest in Canada. I’ll be there tomorrow!

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