IFATC at Home - China

Good! I’ll come to ZGHC (๑>؂<๑)

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For yours arrival’s sake, ZBAA tower and ground is now opened. :) @Wesleyhenrich

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Okay Flight has left VIDP and will be at ZSPD in 4 hours time. Hoping for Approach and GTS

Thank you. Expect delay 🤣


What’s your callsign? @Wesleyhenrich

Shamrock 9022 Heavy

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Thank you very much for the reception in ZBAA


Thanks for your support. :) I will reopen ZBAA at 1300 zulu


Will someone plan to go ChangChun(ZYCC)?Hope i can get good traffic later!🥳

Bye felicia 👋🏻
Jk 😂

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Many traffic to China has attracted to ZSPD.😒

ZBTJ GTS Open. Come and do some patterns here :D

Alright, folks. We’re now open. Welcome to China!

My App crashed on tbe wag there :(

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Still out🤦 ZSHC and ZHHH will open later

ZBAD is now open

We’ re all opened now.

Gonna arrive to ZSPD from RKSI soon

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Thank you to all ATC today for the smooth arrival of our aircraft to ZSPD! We are very grateful of your services.


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