IFATC at Home - Charlotte [CLOSED]

Welcome to Charlotte!

On Sunday for IFATC at Home, I will be opening up Charlotte-Douglas International Airport! Nicked name the “Queen City”, Charlotte is the second biggest banking city in the US. Charlotte is the biggest city in North Carolina, the second biggest in the southeast,and the 15th biggest in the US.

Charlotte-Douglas International Airport
Charlotte-Douglas International Airport is ranked 11th busiest in the nation. Operating 340 American Eagle flights daily, CLT is ranked the largest express flight operation in the world.
Airfield Info
CLT consists of 4 runways, 36L/18R, 36C/18C, 36R/18L, and 05/25. Runway 05/25 is rarely used and is sometimes used as a taxiway. The airport has 1 terminal with 5 concourses. Concourses A-E house American Airlines flights, while A holds other airlines and D holds international flights.

Concourse A

Councourse A has a total of 21 gates with 2 piers. The south pier (A1-A13) hold American and Delta flights. The north pier (A21-A29) house other airlines.

Airlines: Southwest, United, JetBlue, Air Canada, Frontier and Spirit

Concourse B

Concourse B has 16 gates and is used for domestic American Airlines flights

Concourse C

Concourse C has 18 gates and is used mostly for American Airlines flights. ERJ American Eagle flights can also be found in this terminal.

Concourse D

Concourse D has 13 gates and is the international terminal. Gates D11-D13 are able to hold wide body aircraft.

Airlines: American, Lufthansa, Volaris

Concourse E

Concourse E holds all American Eagles flights






Airport Diagram:
!Ground charts

Recommended Routes
Here are some routes that I recommend doing

Destination Airline Aircraft Duration
KATL Delta B712/A319 1 hr 05 min
KMCO Frontier A321 1 hr 45 min
KORD American B738/A321 2 hr
KEWR United E170 1 hr 23 min
KBWI Southwest B737 1 hr 25 min
KLAX American A321 5 hr 15 min
KBOS JetBlue A320 2 hr 10 min
KJFK American B738/A320 1 hr 55 min
KDFW American A321 2 hr 45 min
EDDM Lufthansa A350 8 hr 20 min
EGLL American B772 8 hr 15 min
MMUN American A321 3 hr


· Charlotte Tower, Ground, and ATIS will be active from 2020-06-21T20:00:00Z2020-06-21T22:00:00Z with leeway in case there’s traffic past 6:00.


@thenewpilot, you might want to see this.

I thought I said I was avoiding IFATC until I understand this whole SID and STAR thing, which may take beyond my subscription expiring and possible renewing in 2021, if ever. I’m still eagerly awaiting the porting and release of MSFS20 on Xbox

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Love to see our city being represented 🥳

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Maybe you can reconsider and stop by at our hometown airport 😉

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Perhaps. We’ll see what comes about.

5/23 Charlotte’s widest taxiway. Always hated that runway will try to be there so you have someone in the airspace.

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Flying out and into Charlotte, I never remembered that runway being used. A waste honestly. Hope to see you at the event!

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it is due to FAA closing it unless needed in extreme cases. When it was last used normally in full operations there was a month where there were way too many close calls on arrivals and departures with 18C/36C and 18L/36R incursions etc. so FAA put a ton of restrictions on it’s use and it’s not like planes can’t handle a 10kt crosswind.

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Fyi I’m planning on opening KRDU around that time! Might get some local(ish) flying between our 2 airports.

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count me in @Caniac a fellow caniac will show up in an a321 or a320 your choice

Haha perfect!

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Hey y’all!

Charlotte-Douglas Tower, Ground, and ATIS are NOW OPEN! Hope to see y’all stop by!

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Charlotte-Douglas Tower, Ground, and ATIS are NOW CLOSED! Don’t worry. I’ll be opening back up later today at around 4:00. Hope to see y’all there.

Also, a big thank you to @AmericanVirtual for hosting a fly out of KCLT! That was really cool.

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i actually decided to come by.

I may be doing a round in a CRJ-900 after I land in DFW.

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