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Atlantic City International Airport



Atlantic City is to some people a gambling town. However, it is most know from Monopoly. That’s right, the board game. All of the names of streets in the game like Park Place and Pennsylvania Avenue are real streets in Atlantic City. But we are here not for monopoly but for flying and Atlantic City has a small history with aviation. Back in 1942, the airport was built to train carrier-based pilots. Until 1983 the airport was used for military purposes. This was when Atlantic city was booming and airlines like Delta started offering flights to and from the city. During space shuttle missions the airport served as a backup landing site if they couldn’t land at Kennedy.

Now the airport only served Spirit Airlines with most traffic coming from GA and Military.


Top 10 Spirit Airline Destinations:

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (KFLL)
Orlando, Florida (KMCO)
Fort Myers, Florida (KRSW)
Tampa, Florida (KTPA)
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (KMYR)
West Palm Beach, Florida (KPBI)
Atlanta, Georgia (KATL)
New Orleans, Louisiana (KMSY)
New York, New York (KJFK)
Newark, New Jersey (KEWR)

Fun Military Destinations

Langley AFB (KLFI)
Andrews AFB (KADW)
Moody AFB (KVAD)
Charleston AFB (KCHS)

Cool GA Destinations

Teterboro, NJ (KTEB)
Trenton Robbinsville Airport, NJ (N87)
Bay Bridge Airport, MD (W29)
Martin State Airport, MD (KMTN)
New Castle Airport, DE (KILG)


Commercial Aircraft that are seen at KACY are small narrow bodies. Spirit flies their A320 family in and out of this airport.

General Aviation aircraft are usually banner planes. Cubs and C712s are common along with occasional bigger planes such as the C208. In IF you can fly the TBM and C750 into the airport.

Military aircraft are typically F-16s. The Air National Guard keeps a few at the airport. All fighters are accepted.

Special planes: Space Shuttle is accepted here. Wink wink.

Things to do in the area

KWRI is a nearby military base that you can fly very short hauls to and from.

If you would like to practice your F16 skills you can fly right off the coast.

You can tow banners to the 5 people at the beach

N87 is a close and updated GA airport, feel free to check out.

Ground Map


All runways are used and you can expect to use the best runway according to the wind.

Open Times

I will be open starting around 11am EST (15:00z) and will be open for a few hours I hope.

Hopefully this thread will entice you to come check out one of my home airports!


Hey there! Nice Thread! I will add you to the list!

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I am open! Feel free to swing by!

This is actually really interesting. Didn’t know that Atlantic City was a Space Shuttle alternate. Have a good session!

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