IFATC at Home ā€¢ 28 March 2021

KDEN GTS open right now. Hopefully will be open for a few hours. Come on by.

How long will you be able to be open today? Iā€™m going to do a flight from KSEA-KTUS in the next 30 minutes probably.

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Iā€™m currently open and will be staying open for two hours at a time then taking a break. I think I will be open for your arrival!

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Ok thank you!

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SCEL Open!

GTS: @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL
Approach: @nicopizarro

Accepting pattern work :)

KBUF TGS open, come and stop by!

MKJS GTS Open šŸ™‚

KDCA open! Winds out of 220 at 20 knots gusting 30knts, come fly in for a wild ride! Landing runway 33, departing runway 15 and 33!

EGHF Solent Airport now open! Come by for pattern work, no bigger than a Citation!

Sadly, I will not be able to open CYVR tonight due to a very bad internet connection. Sorry to those who were looking forward to ATC at Vancouver.

It was an awesome IFATC at Home day today! Another one in the books!

Flew 3 flights and controlled my home airport for 2 hours!

Thank you Tyler for organizing IFATC at Home for today!

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