IFATC at Home • 28 March 2021

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Buenos Aires: Ministro Pistarini International

  • In Argentina (my other nationality)
  • Opening Time: Any time during the day (is the life)

NOTAM: Realistic Procedures In use:

  • Runway 11/29 will be in use. Runway 35/17 is a secondary RWY and It will be used as a Taxiway (to the North). Clearence Required
  • If the crosswinds of 11/29 exceeds 15kts, I’ll use 17/35.
  • No light Aircraft will be accepted
  • Pattern work on runway 11/29 will be done will be done on the South. Pattern Work On Runway 35/17 will be done on the East.
  • When landing on Runway 11, expect back taxi directly to runway 17. This is to have an organized traffic flow.
Expected Ground Flow


- Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
- 28 Mar | 1600Z → 00:00Z estimated time
- Controller: @CameronH21
- Remarks: Realistic Procedures in Use: Departing Runways 08R/26L and 09L/27R, Landing Runways 10/28, 09R/27L, and 08L/26R


Airports Added to the List

@Tomjuul1996 - KPDX and KTTD
@Smile760981 - KSGF, KSTL, and KMCO
@PilotA320 - KMCI
@JetSuperior5192 - SAEZ
@CameronH21 - KATL


Thank you. :)

  • SKBO
  • El Dorado Intl
  • 28th March, March 28, 2021 4:00 PM until March 28, 2021 5:30 PM

Aeroporto Internacional do Rio de Janeiro - Galeão

Airport name: Galeão - Antônio Carlos Jobim Intl
Time: 28 March | 1200Z - 1400Z

Center - @Renan
Radar - @Neto_Campelo
Local - @Claudio_Torres

Special Notes

  • Realistic procedures in use;
  • No pattern work;
  • International traffic is expected to arrive. Select a route to get to Rio de Janeiro - Galeão FULL ATC. Click here to choose a route.

Aeroporto Internacional de Goiânia

Airport name: Goiânia Intl
Time: 28 March | 1730Z - 1815Z

Center/Radar - @Neto_Campelo
Local - @Claudio_Torres

Special Notes

  • Realistic procedures in use;
  • It is expected to generate outbound traffic and a flight group for SBBR (FULL ATC). Click here to choose a route.

Aeroporto Internacional de Brasília

Airport name: Brasília - Juscelino Kubitschek Intl
Time: 28 March | 1815Z - 1915Z

Center - @Neto_Campelo
Radar - @Renan
Local - @Claudio_Torres

Special Notes

  • Realistic procedures in use;
  • A group flight is expected arriving from SBGO (with ATC) and other traffic arriving. Click here to choose a route.
Tawau Airport (WBKW)

Airport: Tawau Airport (TWU/WBKW)

Country: Malaysia

Time of Opening: Undecided

Special Notes:

Realistic procedures will be enforced.

Largest aircraft accepted is the B737 or A320. Denial of entry will be sent if aircraft size restrictions are not met.

Ramp space and taxiway space is limited. As such denial of entry as well as gate holds will be used should traffic build up.

Nearest suitable diversion airport should it be needed is Sandakan Airport (SDK/WBKS).

Only Ground, Tower and ATIS is to open.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (WMKK)

Airport: Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL/WMKK)

Country: Malaysia

Time of Opening: Undecided

Special Notes:

Realistic departure and arrival procedures are to be used. If winds are favourable for 14/15 operations, 14L is to be for arrivals, 14R is to be for departure and 15 is to be used by low cost carriers for departures and arrivals. If winds are favourable for 32/33 then 32R is to be used for departures, 32L for arrivals an 33 for both departures and arrivals.

Realistic parking will be enforced with progressive taxi instructions. Realistic runway assignments will also be enforced depending on aircraft and livery used. Warning and reporting to follow if instructions are not followed.

Only Ground, Tower and ATIS is to open.

I would like the following please:

- Airport Name: Geneva International Airport

- Airport ICAO: LSGG

- Date and Time open: Sunday 28th March from 0600Z, open multiple times during the day

- Controllers: @Alexandre, @Antoine_Turrian, @Nick_Wing and myself will share local, Approach/Departure and center during the day (I can only do local though)

- Special notes: Realistic procedures as well as, SIDs and STARs recommended. Rwy 22 will be in use unless the wind decides otherwise. Please check the gates/aprons/stands generally used before spawning.

It’s going to be great fun 😄.


Cagliari-Elmas Airport “Mario Mameli”

Date and time: 0800Z till TBD
Notes: No class F airplanes allowed


Bahrain International Airport

Airport ICAO: OBBI
Time opening: From 1700Z to 1800Z

Controllers & Frequencies:

Ground, Tower, ATIS: @HappyDays
Approach: @CaptainNajeeb


  • Pattern work accepted
  • Light aircraft accepted
  • All realistic procedures will be in effect
  • Permanent IFR: Runway 12R/30L closed and only to be used by taxiing aircraft. No runway entry clearance required by ATC. Arriving/Departing traffic must use runway 12L/30R only.
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  • Milano Linate
  • LIML
  • 28 March 2021 | 13:00Z
  • Real life procedures in use. No heavies, runway 35 closed - used as taxiway.

-Salgado Filho Intl.
-28 March 2021 | 1700Z~2000Z and 2100Z~2300Z
-Real procedures in use and limited gates

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  • Vienna International Airport
  • LOWW
  • 28 March 2021 sporadically between
  1. März 2021 10:00 and 28. März 2021 21:00

Hey, can comeone add that the Clearence is required? Is for SAEZ

I have added this for you.

I have added this for you. Please could you let me know of the opening times?

I have added that for you.

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San Francisco International Airport
Some time on Sunday.
Controller: @CaptainLeo1 & @Mukundan_Srivatsa (he will most likely open on sunday too)
If winds are normal deps on 1L, 1R, 28L & 28R Landing rwys 28L & 28R Heavies to 1R & 28’s. Park where you’re supposed to. No light aircraft.

Second airport :

Sangster International Airport / Montego Bay
Some time on Sunday.
Controller: @CaptainLeo1 & @Jaylan_Brown
Normal irl procedures, park where you are supposed to.


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