Please? I’ll be in tower airspace in a few minutes :/
i know IFATC doesnt do requests but the region coverage ended just 10 min ago :////

Sorry they already closed, once an airport is closed after 0600Z they can’t open it anymore, since it is region change.

And that’s when it will always end I’m afraid. Usually the last session will close at or as close to 0600Z every day to start off with the new schedule.

IFATC are encouraged to begin opening the airports of the next day’s schedule after 0600z, or up to an hour before, when there is no traffic in the surrounding are of the previous day.


Looks like your Captain my of been Oblivious to what time region change occurred at.

Only joking mate. As mentioned above, the IFATC region change occurs around 0600Z and once it’s passed that we can’t open there again as it technically isn’t in the featured region, plus IFATC don’t take requests and are volunteers.

Happy flying mate!