IFATC Approach Session Timelapse @ HAAB

Hello Everyone! Here is the approach session timelapse done by me at HAAB which was featured few days ago and was very busy. Hope y’all enjoy watchin what it looks like from controller’s perspective.

Thanks to @Kamaniya for helping me with the video editing and making!


WOW my respect for IFATC just went up a lot! they make it look easy!


IFATC Officers and supervisors always somehow have the perfect approach plan for every airport, a very well-coordinated and well-organized approach plan that gets every single aircraft to the ground in one peace. That level of skill requires a lot of coordination, communication, experience, etc. It’s littearly unbelieveable how people like you are able to achieve impossible lengths of managing a lot of aircraft in one sitting, particularly when it comes to the approach frequency, including keeping your commands short & sweet which is what I somehow find the most interesting :/. Keep up the great work that you do as a contributing IFATC Officer (this message goes to the rest of the IFATC (Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control) team, whether you’re an apprentice, specialist, officer or supervisor :/)!


All this while I’m lying in bed on Auto pilot waiting for ATC contact 😳.

Great job


4:25 min there i am !!

in the north IFSPAIN

great job


One of the greatest sessions i have seen
Great job Prashant!


Great work! That looks amazing!

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