IFATC Approach Session@LSZH FNF

As y’all know LSZH was featured for this week’s FNF and was very busy throughout the day. I controlled Approach for 2.5 hour and thought to share few insights and the Timelapse of the session.

So here’s the plan I made prior to opening, since most were coming from LSGG,LIMC,LOWI I kept my initial leg to the north of the airport to avoid people to travel extra miles(When controlling radar,you need to expedite things,if you keep them covering extra miles than needed, it’ll increase the workload unnecessarily, this Post from ATCEG clearly mentions what I mean. Keeping my initial leg to the direction of the majority arrivals kept helped me expediting most of the arrivals)

With one line,14&16 can be used simultaneously (which was done few times) though I was using 14 for most of the time since 16 had queue for departures.


Worked very well with the level of traffic, kept things going smoothly. With presence of the Upwind leg,I also had options to fit any Go arounds, manage spacing and many more!

Here’s the timelapse of the session

Thanks to @Kamaniya for helping me with the video!



Great job! It’s like poetry in motion watching the radar screens 🙂

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I found myself in the video 😂. As always amazing job Prashant!


Man every time I fly to an airport with you manning APPR, I always know it’s gonna be smooth and efficient. Love seeing things from an ATC point of view. Hope to stumble into you in the future :)

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Great job, without your work IF wouldn’t be where it is. Great job IFATC Team 🤗

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Nice video !! I found my self 😂 I was Swiss 248 Heavy from Cape Town
But nice job 👍🏼

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Glad y’all liked it,thanks!

Great job Prashant. Always love your controlling.

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Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

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@Prashant_Divedi I’m not kidding when I say that about a month ago, during the Fort Lauderdale FNF you were my approach controller and I was going to PM you to say that you were doing possibly the best job controlling I had ever seen. There were about 10 planes all within 15 miles of each other (I was one of them) and you very quickly spaced us out and led us to the airport VERY efficiently but I guess I forgot to PM you. Amazing job as always 👏

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One of my favorite approach controllers.


I second that @RoyalJordanian 👍

Love all the planes moving and love the music with the video, but do you know why a plane was going around the airport for a long time.

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the afk pilots just doing circles really made this vid with the music

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Probably overslept or AFK.

That was one amazing timelapse… great job on the editing @Kamaniya!

Awesome work with the controlling, you definitely did well given the amount of traffic :)


Great job @Prashant_Divedi! The video With soundtrack is especially cool.

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