IFATC approach charts

In real life we have SID/STAR approch charts which are custom made for that airport. Why dont we have ones made for Infinite flight? This would make it easier for IFATC and Pilots alike. It could have speed and altitudes (Seen in blue). And waypoints (Seen in white)
Here is one I’ve made for Glasgow International.

Approach paths are sometimes different depending on how busy they are. Not sure how this’ll be executed especially with the upcoming SIDs and STARs.

Building realistic terminal procedures is a very complex process. I suppose it might be possible to use plates that are already established in the real world, but I believe many of those are proprietary.

If you want to learn more about what goes into this type of stuff, you should check out @THE-OP and his topics. He is an instrument procedure designer.

While it would be cool, I don’t see this coming to IF anytime soon.

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There is already a request for it.

I dont mean real SID and STARs as I already insert these into my flight plan and check altitudes on a separate iPad but custom ones made by IFATC as the HUB airports are much busier than the airport will ever be