IFATC Approach assistance required.

I am currently researching for a IF API project I am doing.

I could really do with Advanced ATC helping me along :)

What I need to do is that I need to document all possible ATC options and responses- I have already done this for tower and ground on the PG, but naturally I will struggle with this.

I will need to fly around when approach is active, I will make several commands, which I ask that you respond to as you would. I will need to regularly change my intentions however, but just treat me as a normal, but difficult, aircraft.

IFATCs: If you are OK with me doing this while you control could you please drop a quick reply saying yes, so I know to look out for you.

  • Ice

I volunteer as a tribute!

I want to help

@LSZH34 @DS2001 I’ll keep an eye out for you as approach :)


I open over a few min probably PHNL APP

I open PHOG APP @IceBlue

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