IFATC Applications & Testing - Holiday Update


As the holiday season rolls around, many of us find ourselves spending time with our friends and family in anticipation of various celebrations over the next few weeks. This is an opportunity to take a breather and reflect on what has happened over the course of this year.

Starting on Monday, December 23rd, IFATC applications will be put on pause in order to allow the recruiters some much needed time off. Additionally, testing will be non-existent for the duration of the break save for several exemptions if needed. A few operations that can continue, however, include…

  • Stat checks if requested.
  • Shadow sessions w/ trainers in absence of the schedule (limited to availability).

The recruiters will resume their usual pace after the New Year on January 2nd. There may be some intermittent replies and responses in the meantime, but try not to expect consistent engagement until then. That being said, it is our goal to get everyone taken care of before dead week begins next Monday.

For any of you who have not received a reply about testing by Friday, feel free to send a quick ping to get situated by Sunday, December 22nd. We’ll try to get to as many people accommodated by that date. If not, then enjoy your holiday as much as you can until our return.


  • Sunday, December 22nd - last day of testing.
  • Monday, December 23rd - beginning of holiday.
  • Tuesday, January 2nd - testing/applications resume.

To follow up from the recap, there is also an additional purpose for this break, which is to allow myself and the other recruiters some breathing space to prepare for the 2020 season. The testing/training schedule will be tallied and stats crunched for this year, the results of which will be viewable to you all at a later date. We’re on track for an even bigger and better year ahead!

Happy Holidays!


Have a great festive holiday and thanks for all your efforts!

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As a regular user who’s only flying around one almost doesn’t notice the great amount of work that’s being done by the IFATC recruiting and training team. They do a fantastic job to ensure a high quality in IFATC throughout the whole year. This requires lots of effort for which everyone working on this deserves much appreciation.

Enjoy the holidays, you’ve earned it! Looking forward to working with all of you in 2020!🎄


Enjoy the holiday Team! 🎄🎄. See you in the new year

I just wanted to reach out on behalf of the IFATC training team to thank everyone that has been apart of the IFATC training process this year!

All the trainers and recruiters appreciate the hard work and dedication to training that the majority of you have shown over the year.

Can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for IFATC and the training/recruiting process.


Oh that timing is perfect, just failed my written so I can take it for another 2 weeks anyway.
Enjoy the holiday!

Thanks to all at IFATC.
Special mention to my recruiter and trainer @AdamCallow, thanks for all the help.

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It must be my fault!

In all seriousness, I wanted to also express my gratitude for the IFATC training and testing team. I am not sure if the IFC realizes how much time is spent scrutinizing each candidate whether it is for tower controlling or for radar.

Happy holidays to everyone!


Time off doesn’t hurt! Sometimes a good break to celebrate the festivities with the family is good. I like the decision. 😄

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Ha! We had a talk about this before you were tested. All in good time.


Testing is now closed. Have a good one, folks.


The IFATC Training team is still operating right?

I believe it is as my trainer is still brilliantly hard at work at the moment. I wouldn’t expect much from them on Christmas Day though

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Yes, the IFATC Training Team is still operating. However, as with recruiting, don’t expect constant engagement as many of our trainers have plans for the holidays.


Just beat the dead line.
Thanks to all at IFATC, Merry Christmas all.

Thanks to all who were patient enough to wait until the end of the holiday period. Testing is now back in full swing with a few writtens already conducted this morning.

Anyone who has me may need to wait a little longer. My basement flooded a few hours before the New Year and WiFi was lost as a result. Fingers crossed on getting it restored later today.


Hi- I would like to begin training for ATC, if possible! Can you contact me at your convenience? Thanks!

Training is conducted by our trainers via contact with a form you submit in the #ATC category. If you’re looking for recruiting, then message one of the sanctioned recruiters with the necessary information. :)