Ifatc application

hey guys i’m unsure whether i should make a new application for ifatc or contact the person who contacted me about a month ago. i have the operations for ifatc and i’m looking to apply for it but i have already what should i do?

Read carefully and apply if conditions are met!

thanks bak

That’s a pretty bare response that doesn’t help BAK. @Kedz contact your original recruiter to ensure that you aren’t put into the system 2 times.

alright i will do thanks

I would apply again and ask for the same recruiter for you one month ago.

i pm my recruiter rn but his mod hours are between 13:00Z to 22:00Z so he will probably not reply

I wouldn’t do that. I was in the same position, and I didn’t reapply, I contacted my recruiter from last time.

it won’t harm if i ask the original recruiter in what to do so i’ll go for that approach first if he tells me reapply i will do so

My recruiter told me to do that.

Some will most won’t.

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might be lucky i guess it varies i’ll take what you both said into account, going a little off topic here but what do you recommend i should do to ensure i manage to begin operations with ifatc

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Yea sure, I mean it doesn’t hurt to contact your previous recruiter and find out what to do.

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Feel free to apply via the topic linked above. Hope to see you in IFATC soon!