IFATC Application

Hi, i’m looking to apply to become an air traffic controller, however it’s not letting me message anyone on the community, what should i do?


You have to be certain trust level within the community.

Keep posting, contributing and sharing here and you’ll level up in no time!

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These are worth a read too

Just what @Mags885 said keep posting and you will get your trust level up and you can apply on the IFATC thread.


oh ok thanks, can one of the IFATC recruiters message me then??

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No, they cannot.

The ability to read requirements would help in your case ;)

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When you are applying for IFATC, requirements include:

  • Minimum of TL1
  • Minimum of 500 operations
  • At least 14 year old

Good luck.

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I think it is only 500 ops @Claudio

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Hey @DaniBen010!

Great to hear that you’re interested in becoming an IFATC controller, that’s pretty cool! As a couple of users have mentioned before already, there are a couple of requirements you need to fulfill before you can apply to join the team. Everything you need to know is perfectly outlined in the topic below!


As you can see, one of the requirements is that you need to be at TL (Trustlevel) 1 here on the IFC. This is important because you can’t send PMs without that. @TimShan05 posted a link above where you can learn more about Trust Levels. I also recommend you the following topic as it offers some nice explanations about some basic stuff here on the IFC.

All the best for your journey on becoming an IFATC member! Let us know if you have any questions.