IFATC Application Requirements- Minimum Amount of Operations

How many operations do have to get on the expert server ATC


You need to have a minimum of 500 operations to apply for IFATC. More information including other requirements before applying can be found in the topic that I’ve linked below:

Take care mate!

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You need 500 operations to apply for IFATC.

Ok I have 429 operations

Other requirements you must meet before applying are found here:

I strongly recommend that you practice or keep practicing on the Training Server until you meet all the requirements for IFATC and can apply via the instructions in the topic linked above.

I also strongly recommend creating an ATC Tracking Thread if you haven’t do so already. More information on how to create an ATC Tracking Thread can be found below:

Have a good one mate!

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Thanks for helping 😃

I Will not be able to apply it’s because of 2/3 violations so I have to wait some months
To apply @Declan_O

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Okay, no worries! Use this time to practice on the training server using a ATC Tracking Thread like a mentioned above.

Whilst I understand the wait may be frustrating, it’s a great opportunity to fine tuning your skills and gain feedback from your tracking thread which will set you up perfectly for when you can apply.

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