IFATC Application - help!

Hi there everyone,

I’ve applied for IFATC about 2 days ago by contacting one of the staff listed in a post, yet I have no response so far. Does anyone know how long it takes to get a reply? The person I’ve contacted has been online a few times since I’ve sent the message, I hope they are not ignoring it!

Happy flying!


The recruiters are busy give them some time they will contact you.


Did you follow all the directions listed in the IFATC thread? Or did you just PM a recruiter with:

“Bro I wanna be IFATC. Let’s do thiz”

Remember people hold lives as well, and often busy. Maybe bump it if it persists


No I did follow the instructions! Sent screen shots etc…


But they have been online a few times in the time that I have sent them a message, so I’m worried they are ignoring it!


No, I was just wondering

Read through the ATC recruiting thread again, make sure you didn’t forget anything, Tyler mentioned that if you fail to give a detail you are risking to not getting contacted back

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Ok thank you!


Well your question has been answered then. Patience is key and if you don’t have the patience to wait a few days for a recruiter to message you back, you certainly don’t have the patience to become an actual controller.


That’s fine, I was just wondering what the average time is.


That’s fair, however the recruiting and training process requires both maturity and patience. Some take months to get promoted (there’s a huge learning curve if you haven’t figured out already).

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Please be patient. It is the weekend which may add some delay into the process.

If you don’t hear back in a few days please contact a moderator. Do not contact more than one recruiter.