IFATC_Andrew’s Virtual Flight School


What you can expect:
I have training outlines for different courses I can teach depending on your skill level ranging from beginner to expert. We can work on things such as:

  • Basic Airmanship
  • Takeoff and landing
  • cross wind procedures
  • instrument flying lessons
  • how to set up flights
  • shooting instrument approaches
  • understanding instrument approaches
  • how real world airline pilots fly
  • specialty areas on the CRJ-200/700/900
  • pattern work
  • atc instructions and what they mean

I’m more than willing to help anyone and everyone when I have time because coming through the ranks of a becoming a pilot, I never had anyone to really guide me and I view it as an opportunity to give back, network and build a solid foundation for future aviators.

How it works

  • Download Discord as we will use voice chat
  • We will select what you want to practice
  • Train the area you wish to get better at
  • I’ll provide constructive criticism and teach you the proper way to execute whichever lesson we are working on.

NEW 9/13/19 UPDATE
Along with help from @N1DG and @N1RG and a few others, we’re creating a more structured organization. We’re also working on the possibilities of become a VA/VO. It’s a slow process to get this all set up but this will help guarantee your success as an aviator both in real life and on infinite flight.

If you would like a lesson, send me a PM


This is an awesome idea!!!


I know! It honestly stemmed from being ATC and hearing/seeing people do things wrong and I can’t blame them for not being taught the correct way


That’s a great view on those problems we always see! Best to understand the why and address the how, which is what it seems you will be doing with this new plan👍👍 good luck, and I think many people are going to come to appreciate it and see that the pilots in IF that get ostracized in the IFC may just be starting out or want to learn and now they can!

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Exactly my point! There’s some great tutorials out there but they’re the 1st level of learning.
Rote, understanding, application and correlation. I want to be able to give the person a chance to ask the why questions and we can figure out a way to get them to the correlation level of learning!


I wanna be! But an appointment for Saturday

I’m Grade 4

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Will do!

I may not be able to do much because of the hurricane this weekend. I probably won’t have power Thursday-Saturday/Sunday


Could I have a lesson? We can talk via pm so it doesn’t clog up the thread.

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Great idea

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Messaged:) hope I get in.

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Would you give a lesson to someone who only knows super basic knowledge of ATC.

Absolutely! Send a pm

This is a great idea, new pilots can now learn how to fly properly!

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Can I join

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I got you DG but there’s not much I can teach ya! 😜

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Haha😂😂 hey I can be a mentor to everyone


Uhh sir what’s an airplane?

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Could I get a lesson? But I don’t have live that’s probably going to be a problem

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this looks so cool! @IFATC_Andrew

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