IFATC and PCT both having very similar pressure

this is not me trying to disrespect IFATC in anyway shape or form.

so on this sim i fly 5 aircraft at once if you see my user i usually keep my flights somewhat distant from one another. I also try to keep my FPLs set up to make it easier for the way IRL pilots i check FR24 for details like flight paths and runway usage. Today i was arriving into LHR and each time i was about to touch down i would get an ATC instruction and sometimes i cant respond in time and i would get the ‘please follow instructions’ and i don’t think he realized the pressure i was under now.

i know some would say well its your responsibility to follow ATC instructions you are right but all i am asking is please let me land my aircraft first when i am halfway trough inbound. And please let me follow my FPL. i had my FPL set up for left traffic on 27L at LHR i was coming in from the north and i had my FPL set up with the STAR TOBI1X and he had me arrive with the vectors similar to HON1H. and anytime i go to far off my FPL like that it makes it real hard for to follow instructions i had an idea of how he wanted me to approach and i follow so for ATIS info please put in the prefferd ATC STAR and SID so i can amend FPL properly and this way i dont use the other STAR i used and to make it easier put in for each direction so i know what to expect and this way Approach wont need to give me so many ATC instructions to the point where i cant follow them.

I know IFATC has alot of pressure as well. It is not like i don’t understand but please put understand the pressure i am under as well so if 1 of my aircraft are almost halfway through final and you have one of my aircraft in a left downwind instead of having me do a left base please extend my downwind. there will be times where i have to say unable so if i do say that its not me saying unable because i don’t want to follow instructions i would say unable because i am literally unable due to my aircraft situation. so when i am taxing that one aircraft to parking i can follow ATC instructions alot better.

also mods please do not take down this post this is not at all ment for disrepect towards the IFATC. of an understanding of both sides.

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In the kindest way possible, it’s your choice whether or not you fly 5 accounts that will be landing around the same time or just flying 5 accounts in general.

It is the pilots responsibility to pay full attention to the commands given to them and to be alert at all times when climbing or descending. IFATC cannot babysit this as their job is to provide an efficient and safe service for the pilots.