IFATC/Airport Editor Forum Badges/Titles

No, not have 3 titles all at once, maybe just pick one. Too many titles amd it would make it very cluttered.

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I agree with the IFATC title. That might be very helpful. Especially when questions about ghostings occur. Now, at least two, to three People are involved, when someone Needs help/advice, including Moderators, who shouldnt have to deal with that stuff in 95% of the cases… It certainly would make things more efficient.

I think two would be sufficient. In a way it shows new members that you’re involved in the community and it’s not really cluttered.

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Just curious, why would you have an Airport or Nav Editor title? What are your thoughts on that?

Yeah I was thinking that - it makes sense.

So people can identify you easily and contact you if they need to

This have been brought up a couple of times before.

It won’t be implemented for a number of reasons, one of them being that it’s changing constantly and would require a huge moderation effort.
People joining, being dismissed, being inactive and don’t deserve it and so on. You get the idea.

One very simple solution for IFATC is that you have a similar or why not even the same nickname in here as you’re display name in Infinite Flight.


Yeah, Airport Editirs

Didn’t it exist previously where you could have your own tag where is says regular? I didn’t like to much and I thought it made the forum look a bit messy.

For a period, yes. Long ago now though.

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I think that is a great idea

Well, in my opinion, I’m not concerned with having a “high rank” in the forums. My idea of having these badges, is to:

**Note: I’ll not reply to PMs if they’re asking me to do airports.

And to restrict access of people who are not involved in the Airport Editing Team from commenting in #developer, believe me, I’m quite tired of telling people to avoid the category if they’re not contributors.