IFATC/Airport Editor Forum Badges/Titles

I’ve been thinking quite a lot recently about all these topics asking “Who is IFATC XXXX”, and I just thought it might be quite a good idea to have forum titles for IFATC or Airport Editors. This could be done easily using badges that can be used as titles.

You might be thinking “the problem is that anyone can become an airport editor,” so my suggestion is this badge is only granted after you edit a certain number of airports. You also might be wandering how this will be granted. There are plenty of TL4s who work for IFATC/Airport Editing, so they could easily grant the badge.

What are your thoughts on this? Personally I think it would make contacting a member of each team quite a lot easier.


I support, especially the IFATC part. If someone gets ghosted they could know who in the forum is a controller or not so its easier to resolve the ghost or whatever, as for airport editing it really would be nice to see who are the contributors to this simulator and the ones that are behind the scenes doing all the airports and nav stuff. Again, I support!


What would happen, however if you get someone like me who’s in IFATC and Editing, plus my IFVARB tag?

I fear people would want to join just for status.


You would probably have 3 tags.

I see what you mean there. That could be an issue. Your title could be manually edited to include all of your organisations.

And about the joining for status thing, you have to pass a test to get into IFATC, and I did suggest gaining the title after having a certain number of airports accepted. So that wouldn’t be an issue


From my experience, you can only choose one.

And btw he also has the regular badge :)

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How about maybe choose one tag? Instead of having two which makes it look all cluttered, so if you prefer to have the airport editor tag over IFATC tag, of course with the exception of @IceBlue You’re an IFVARB admin so you must keep the IFVARB tag so everyone knows who to go to so they can start a VA.
And the join for status, maybe make it so you’re proefficient at your proffession before you recieve the title, and if you get the title but stop being productive you can always have it taken away from you.
In order to have the IFATC title you must control allot, and in order to have the airport editor tag you have to be like me 🙄 Stay up at 4 am everyday editing until he knocks out infront of the computer for instance right now!


How about the IFAE? 🤔

Maybe 😏

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I like the ideology behind this idea but as @IceBlue said, people will just join IFATC just to get the ‘fancy’ title.


Like one of the mods said, some of the IFATC members don’t like to be identified and as a result they regularly change their callsigns and display names etc.

I can see you also missed the fact that there is a multi step testing process that must be passed in order to join ifatc. You can’t simply “join for the title” in a manner of speaking. You actually have to do the work, learn the procedures, and pass the test. I’ve thought about the ifatc title on the forum as well and I think it’s an excellent idea.


i know its a dead meme

To join “for the title” you’d actually have to be a skilled controller, in which case you should already be applying for IFATC, Anyway, more IFATC is good!


That’s why titles are optional in the settings. I have seen quite a few regulars not have the regular title displayed. Again, totally up to the user to display the title.

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And also, to remain a part of the group you must show some level of activity. Joining just for the title and not controlling will result in removal from the team and the title being scrapped. You cant just “Join IFATC for a title”.
Airport editing on the other hand is easier to join, but in order to have the title you must prove that you can edit airports in a proefficient manner. Editing a variety of them and doing good. Thats how you earn titles, not just by joining the group and not doing anything.


IFAE? Aviation experts correct? Yea we’re not talking about them, we mean airport editors.


I’ve already elaborated on ifatc. I’m fairly confident that you can’t simply join the VARB. That settles that title. And the proposal for the airport editor one is pretty decent. Or at least make it based on activity over a period of time. I’m not an airport editor, so I can’t make any legitimate recommendations on that.

Seems to me that with the editor proposal and the other two, you won’t be able to have titles without working for them and working to maintain them. Sound familiar? Oh wait, that’s the requirements for the regular title! Seems to me like it all works out.


Exactly, in order to keep something you must maintain it. Just like the regular title, IFVARB admin title, IFATC, and ocassionally Airport editing. Say you have 6 pack abs, you worked so hard for it workin out allot and staying away from fatty foods, once you’re ripped and then you decide to start eating 5 packs of oreos those abs are gonna sink. If you want to keep that regular title set a good example and visit the forum on a daily basis, if you want to be in IFATC control and dont be inactive. If you’re an airport editor show that you can contribute to the game by making an airport look nice, snapping all nodes and try not making your reviewer explode.
I hope some of you get what i mean, nothing lasts forever.


You’re definitely getting what I’m on about. Glad you like the idea!


Well like I’ve mentioned, I’ve thought about it too but didn’t really have my thoughts developed enough to bring it up. Now that the topic has surfaced, I can share my thoughts. Everyone else’s simply helped me refine them.

I’m 100% in support of the idea, but also if you were multiple you could have "IFATC, airport editor, nav editor"
or “IFATC, regular” etc.